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Top Newly Launched Altcoins Poised for a 100X Surge in July

As the market witnesses a relief rally in underrated tokens, the meme coins are sure to lead the way. Being the best-performing sector in the crypto world, the hype-focused community-driven coins are the choice to go in 2024. 

With the top names like PEPE, WIF, BONK and more leading the way, some low-cap underrated meme coins offer massive upside potential. Amidst such, the massive surge in the SMIDGE price teases a massive bull run ahead. Additionally, the recently launched Ethereum layer-2 token, BLAST, brings immense potential on paper.

So, should you consider buying these coins ahead of the anticipated bull run in the crypto world? 

Booming Bulls Boost BLAST, Massive Upside In July

As a freshly launched layer-2 protocol, the BLAST token is making waves in the early days. Based as an Ethereum Layer-2 token, it has a USP with native yield both for ETH and stablecoins. Unlike the default zero per cent interest that other L2s provide, BLAST offers a 3.4% yield for ETH staking and 8% for stablecoins staking. 

With a growing market cap, Blast stands at $429,464,831, with an intraday rise of 20%. The BLAST token trades at $0.025 and maintains a bullish stance in the early launch days. 

Hence, as the broader market is ready to recover, the bull run in BLAST can result in a price jump to $1. The key catalysts to watch out for that might fuel the uptrend are the Ethereum ETF listing and the broader market bull run. 

Will SMIDGE Witness A PEPE-like Bull Run?

Being a newly launched meme coin brings its ups and downs for the token in the crypto market. With a million dollars in trading volume, the SMIDGE price trades at $0.0006787 with an intraday gain of 164%. 

While the limited price action of SMIDGE bars any technical analysis, the rising demand and the 500% surge in a day tease a bull run ahead. 

Smidge is a smaller and cuter version of the trending, high-performing meme coin, PEPE. It is from the 5th generation of the frog kingdom. Being highly expressive of his emotions, Smidge gained popularity and went viral on multiple platforms like 4chan and Reddit. 

With the recent price surge supporting the bullish narrative, the uptrend in the coming weeks can result in a massive upside jump in SMIDGE.


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