XRP’s Trillionaire Dream: Can XRPL Snatch 1% From The $1.4 Quadrillion Tokenization Market

Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz, is fueling optimism for the future of the XRP Ledger as it eyes the vast $1.4 Quadrillion tokenization market. Due to XRPL’s low fees and seamless integration with decentralized exchanges position it to capture at least a 1% share of tokenized real-world assets

XRPL’s Rise in Tokenization

During the Apex 2023 developer summit, Ripple’s CTO David Schwartz highlighted the distinctive features that position XRPL as a frontrunner in real-world asset tokenization. 

With low transaction fees and seamless integration with decentralized exchanges (DEX), XRPL aims to become the go-to platform for launching tokenized real-world assets. Schwartz’s forecast of achieving this milestone within the next 18 months has stirred excitement within the XRP community.

Recently, the Good Morning Crypto podcast revisited Ripple CTO David Schwartz’s thoughts on XRPL’s potential in the RWA tokenization market.

1% of $1.4 quadrillion Into XRP

Expanding on this, the Good Morning Crypto podcaster pointed out the enormous opportunity at hand. In a market valued at $1.4 quadrillion, even a modest 1% capture could result in trillions flowing into XRP. 

To break it down, 1% of $1.4 quadrillion equals $14 trillion, a figure that far surpasses the current overall crypto market cap of approximately $1.65 trillion.  While the idea of XRP getting trillions is still unsure, these events show that XRPL might change how things work in the crypto world.

Adding to the buzz, pro-XRP attorney Bill Morgan joined the conversation, highlighting the rarity of blockchains with built-in DEX and low fees. Raising a Question “how many layer 1 blockchains have an in-built DEX and low fees?”

Graham Rodford’s Bold Projection

Eventually, Significantly, these discussions expanded upon earlier insights from Graham Rodford, CEO of U.K. exchange Archax, who projected a remarkable future for XRPL. Rodford estimated that by 2025, XRPL could process a staggering $50 trillion within the RWA tokenization context. 

With the total RWA market valued at $1.4 quadrillion across all asset classes, Rodford emphasized the growing trend of assets transitioning to blockchain technology.


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