Toncoin (TON) Hits Major 32 Million Milestone

The explosive growth of Toncoin continues, but not in terms of the price. According to recent on-chain TON data, the number of active users on the network exceeded 32 million users.

Perhaps the only cryptocurrency in the top 10 with significant support from the Telegram app is Toncoin, making it stand out in the crowded market for cryptocurrencies. Toncoin’s bullish outlook is greatly supported by the unique ecosystem of Telegram, one of the most widely used messaging apps worldwide.

The price chart of Toncoin (TON) is backed by several significant moving averages showing a clear upward trend. Indicating a sustained upward trend are the 26-day, 50-day and 200-day moving averages. With $7.36 and $7 acting as support levels, TON is currently trading at $7.73. The price of TON is increasing without any problems despite fluctuations in the market.

The volume profile shows steady trading activity in addition to the growing number of active users. The consistency of this volume suggests that continued interest is necessary for the long-term growth of TON. The relative strength index is just about 58, with TON in the neutral zone and room to rise before becoming overbought.

Toncoin and Telegram integration provides a major core advantage. Toncoin has a platform for widespread use and viability thanks to Telegram’s infrastructure and large user base.

By virtue of this integration, Toncoin stops being just another cryptocurrency and joins a bigger well-established ecosystem. A recent milestone of 32 million active users shows how people are becoming more interested in and confident in Toncoin. The increase in users is a sign of TON’s long-term potential because a larger user base usually translates into increased demand and product stability.


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