Ripple Developer Proposes Changes To XRP Ledger Governance

RippleX engineer David FUELLING’S innovative proposal for major governance changes at the XRP Ledger Foundation has sparked heated debate in the XRP community. The proposal involves introducing a more formalized membership structure and a new mechanism for electing the fund’s board of directors. Fuelling’s proposal is based on his observations of dissatisfaction within the community, highlighting the need for a more decentralized and democratic organization.

Fuelling explained that his proposal is a personal initiative, it is not endorsed by Ripple and is aimed at addressing the lack of individual voices in the XRPL community. It highlights the key role of XRPLF in managing critical resources such as websites, GitHub repositories, and infrastructure, making it an ideal platform for experimentation in fostering community participation.

The proposal sparked heated debate, with some questioning the need for change. Crypto Eri, a prominent member of the XRP community, has expressed concern about the XRPLF’s lack of self-governance, fearing that it could lead to negative actions. In addition, she criticized the creation of different classes of membership, suggesting that it could lead to division and discrimination. Wietse Wind, a developer of the Xumm wallet and a major figure at XRPL Labs, responded to the concerns raised by saying that XRPLF will carefully consider the options, frameworks and feasibility.

Image: Binance Academy


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