Decrypting Bitcoin’s Next Move to $1 Million – Analyzing Samson Mow’s Top Ten Indicators

Bitcoin saw a notable rise last Friday, reaching $42,185, backed by strong US equity markets. Currently holding at $827 billion in market capitalization, Bitcoin eyes a potential move towards $43,000. 

In this context, Famous Bitcoin supporter Samson Mow has shared his thoughts on key signs that he thinks are essential for figuring out how Bitcoin’s price will move. His key indicators reflect both current market situations and larger economic factors, giving investors and enthusiasts useful information on the latest trends that can make or break BTC prices.

Analyst’s Top Ten Indicators

According to Samson Mow Bitcoin is all out to hit $1 million soon. He places his bet on critical factors, including capital inflows into Bitcoin ETFs, network hashrate hitting new highs, and intriguing metrics like Finex whale accumulation and the 200 Weekly Moving Average trend.

Surprisingly, Mow adds Tether (USDT) Asset Under Management to the mix as a vital liquidity indicator. Beyond blockchain metrics, he points to wider economic factors such as government debt interest, Debt GDP ratios, nation-state Bitcoin adoption, real inflation, and M3 Money. Mow suggests a mix of these elements could shape Bitcoin’s long-term price outlook.

Each of these factors plays a role in shaping the outlook for Bitcoin’s price, reflecting a combination of market dynamics and macroeconomic trends. Understanding these indicators can provide a more comprehensive view of Bitcoin’s potential growth and stability. 

Bitcoin Rally Chances? 

Despite facing selling pressure and hitting a low of $38,000 in January, Bitcoin may experience a recovery in February. Historical data indicates a consistent positive trend for Bitcoin in February, with an average profitability of 14.5% and no negative returns since 2020.

According to CryptoRank statistics from February 2011 to 2023, Bitcoin has shown a noteworthy average profitability of 14.5%, closely followed by a median value of 12.2%.


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