Sonic’s Odyssey Testnet Reaches Major Milestone

Sonic, the first atomic Solana Virtual Machine (SVM) chain created for independent game economies, has reached a significant milestone with the launch of Odyssey, an incentive-based testnet.


In preparation for the mainnet launch, this testnet has successfully connected 100,000 wallets and handled over 17 million transactions. With the backing of multi-strategy crypto investment firm Cypher Capital, Sonic remains in a position to improve its ecosystem with the help of its latest fundraising endeavors.

Source: Sonic.Game

The money will help grow the marketing game relations and core development teams internationally. Users are welcome to take part in a variety of on-chain activities on the live testnet, such as processing transactions and playing games that will make their Sonic debut.

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Sonic’s founder Chris Zhu emphasized the value of Cypher Capital’s support for their growth initiatives. Zhu underlined that the introduction of gaming to the Solana platform is made possible by Cypher’s strategic alliances and community network. As the sole Solana Virtual Machine gaming chain, Sonic is distinct, and Cypher Capital is supporting its approach to entering the market.

Sonic offers extensive customization for new sovereign game economies by allowing any game to launch its own blockchain rollup through the use of a horizontal scaling framework called HyperGrid. Harsh Agarwal, Investment lead at Cypher Capital, is excited to be helping Sonic create the first SVM L2 gaming chain. Confident in the project’s ability to grow the Solana gaming ecosystem, Agarwal commended Chris Zhu’s experience and vision for enabling gaming economies on Solana.


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