Top 3 AI-Based Altcoins With 50x Profits this Bull Run!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm over the past few years. AI tokens play a vital role in the crypto industry as they focus on improving the scalability and security within a blockchain network.

These tokens help AI-based projects and are on a path to restructure the universe of the decentralized financial system. AI projects can be trained to detect specific problems, and their native tokens provide several benefits to their users. These features display an immune potential for Artificial Intelligence (AI) tokens in the coming time. (FET):

It is currently one of the most efficient machine learning platforms for various applications related to finance, energy, and the economy, as it uses cryptography and game theory as its consensus mechanism.

It primarily focuses on the reduction of the time spent by the users to get results. Further, it helps Uniswap users to automate trading according to their preferred conditions.

TradingView: FET/USDT

The token is currently trading at a discount of approximately 50% from its previous ATH. However, the rise in the adoption of the world of AI could boost this token value to a new high in the coming time, as this project has high value and strong fundamentals, making it a potential pick for this list.

The FET token is currently trading at $0.6123 with a circulating supply of 831,554,441 FET and a market cap of approximately $510 Million. Further, if the FET price regains momentum, the price is just 2x away from a new all-time high (ATH).

Singularity (AGIX):

Singularity is an Ethereum-based token, and it primarily allows its users to pay for AI-based services and products in a marketplace. AGIX is considered to be one of the most after-sort AI tokens in the crypto industry today, as it plays an important role in facilitating transactions within the DeFi ecosystem.

AGIX Price Analysis
TradingView: AGIX/USDT

The Singularity project has displayed significant growth over the past years and is predicted to increase folds in the coming time. Users can buy or sell several AI products with the help of this platform. It also plays an important role in the contribution of advancement through the AI training process.

The AGIX token is currently trading at $0.2972 and has a circulating supply of 1,252,810,208 AGIX with a market capitalization of $372.601 Million. With potential growth, The Singularity (AGIX) token is expected to record a possible return of up to 5x during the upcoming bull run.

The Graph (GRT):

The Graph is an Ethereum-based token that helps in indexing and querying data from a blockchain of a decentralized protocol. It primarily indexes data from Ethereum and Filecoin. The data is later grouped into subgroups which can be queried by anyone.

GRT Price Analysis
TradingView: GRT/USDT

With the help of the Proof-of-Stake mechanism, the GRT works as an open-source protocol that gathers and uses the data independently, reducing the need for intermediaries. Its native token GRT, which is an ERC-20-based token, can be stored in Ethereum or any other ERC-20-compatible storage wallets.

The GRT price is currently trading at $0.1691 with a circulating supply of 9,391,751,499 GRT and a market cap of approximately $1.588 Billion.

During the previous year, Injective and Render tokens were listed among the top gainers of the year with each giving a return of 27 times and 13 times respectively, highlighting the potential of the AI industry and its tokens in the coming time.


The AI industry is still considered to be in an early stage, highlighting a massive potential for these in the coming time. AI has become an integral part of our lives, and the integration of it can now be seen in each sector.

The next generations of AI tokens aim to harness the power of an entire blockchain and create values by solving complex and specific problems in the digital world.


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