Top 11 Altcoins to Surge 15x in 3 Months! 

Are you ready to discover some hot altcoin picks? In a recent YouTube video, crypto analyst Miles Deutscher spilled beans on several altcoin picks poised for 15X growth in the current market scenario. With a focus on identifying tokens showing strength and resilience, Deutscher outlined various projects spanning various sectors within the crypto space.

From established names to promising newcomers, his analysis provides valuable insights for investors seeking to capitalize on the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market. 

Let’s dive into the key altcoin picks discussed by Deutscher and explore the strategy behind his selections.

Here are the Top 11 Altcoins to Pump 15X in 3 Months!

Avalanche (AVAX)

The altcoin has shown immense strength after a quick recovery after the recent dip, indicating investor interest. Positioned for potential outperformance in the short term. In the meanwhile, recent gains in AVAX’s price trajectory suggest a promising future, with analysts forecasting potential highs of $67.77 by the end of 2024.

Fantom (FTM)

Experienced a significant increase in FTM since the previous bull market peak. Offers promising features like Fantom Sonic, its new mainnet, and a parallelized EVM narrative. Moreover, FTM looks like a good investment option, supported by positive trends across daily, weekly, monthly, and annual charts. Many analysts forecast FTM’s price to surpass the $1 mark soon, establishing its position in the crypto market.

Sifchain (ROWAN)

Built on the Cosmos SDK, optimized for trading, staking, and airdrops. Potential to benefit from broader L1 rotation trade.

Soy.Finance (SOY)

Powered by the Move programming language, aims to disrupt Web3 development. Growing on-chain metrics and strong partnerships contribute to its potential.

Celestia (CLS)

Showed a significant price surge due to airdrop and staking dynamics. Despite recent weakness, still a consideration for accumulation, especially at lower price levels.

Stacks (STX)

Considered a Bitcoin proxy with the upcoming Stacks Nakamoto upgrade, driving interest in the Bitcoin DeFi space.

Optimism (OP)

Ethereum L2 scaling solution benefiting from the Denon upgrade, reducing fees. Attractive for its ecosystem and developer adoption.

AI Sector

Notable projects include Render (RNDR), (FET), and AI-Token (AIT), with a focus on accumulating during dips.

Meme Coins

Pepe (PEPE) and WHF (WHF) are highlighted as having potential for resilience and upside within the meme coin space.


A decentralized exchange with an incentive program offers trading and staking rewards opportunities.


Part of the Base ecosystem, a project with promising prospects for future growth.


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