Fetch.ai’s FET Price Explodes 15%: Is a Second Bull Run Coming?

In the exciting intersection of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency, Fetch.ai (FET) shines as a pioneer, driving projects that leverage AI’s potential. Fetch.ai’s goal to make AI technology accessible through an open ecosystem has captured attention, elevating it to mid-cap altcoin status.

With a fully diluted value reaching approximately $3.3 billion and a daily trading volume of nearly half a billion dollars, Fetch.ai’s rise has been remarkable.

Recent data shows a significant increase in FET’s value, with the price jumping about 15 percent in the last 24 hours to around $2.86 during Tuesday’s early London session.

Bullish Signs on the Horizon

As Bitcoin gears up for a pre-halving rally, FET follows suit, hinting at a possible second bullish phase soon. Notably, a respected crypto analyst, Captain Faibik, suggests that FET’s price surge is just the beginning.

Following a brief consolidation period marked by a short-term correction in the past three weeks, FET’s future looks bright. Captain Faibik predicts an impressive 58 percent rally in the near term, supported by the altcoin’s positive trend within the four-hour timeframe.

Despite the optimism, experts warn that FET’s upward momentum could be at risk if the altcoin consistently closes below $2.3 in the coming days.

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Preparing for a Comeback

With Bitcoin dominance showing signs of change, the altcoin market braces for a resurgence. Using the Elliott Wave principle, analysts anticipate that the Total3 market cap, excluding Ethereum and Bitcoin, is aiming for a $2 trillion retest. This resurgence is expected to push many altcoins to revisit their previous highs, reminiscent of the 2021 bull cycle.

Fetch.ai is currently standing out in the market, a perfect fusion of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies.

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