BONK Price Prediction: ChatGPT Predicts Bull Run In April

With the Bitcoin price back at $70,000, the investors are regaining the confidence to enter the meme coins and refuel the bull run. Amidst this bounce back as a recovery, the BONK price is shining bright as the next potential top performer. 

As per the growing speculations around the BONK, the sideline traders are anticipating a massive jump in the meme coin. Further, with the multiple BONK price predictions forecasting a jump beyond $0.001, the investors are lining up. To find out more, we not only did a price analysis but also asked ChatGPT to give BONK price predictions.

The Reversal Rally Signals a Potential Breakout 

With a double bottom pattern at the crucial support of the trend-based 50% Fibonacci level, the BONK price launches a reversal rally. Currently, the meme coin surpasses the 20-day EMA and heads above the $0.000025 mark. 


With a V-shaped reversal, the meme coin shows a potential breakout of the $0.00003396 mark to hit a new all-time high. As per the trend-based Fibonacci levels, the uptrend could hit the $0.000072 mark at the 2.618 Fib level. 

The price analysis predicts a continuation of the prevailing uptrend, so the BONK price is teasing a bullish April. However, to verify our analysis, we asked ChatGPT to predict the BONK trend.

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ChatGPT Predicts BONK Price To Hit $0.000054

We shared the daily chart of BONK price analysis with ChatGPT to predict the meme coin’s price movement in April. Here’s what the AI model predicted for the meme coin. 

Using the analysis and key components from the chart, the GPT predicts a bullish and bearish scenario for the meme coin. In an optimistic approach, the AI predicts a bull run to the 1.618 Fibonacci level at the $0.000054 mark. Conversely, a downfall rally could hit the 23.60 Fib level at the $0.00001596 mark.


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