Best Low Cap Altcoins For A Breakout Rally This Week!

As the top large-cap altcoins take a hit with the Bitcoin price fall of 2% today, the low caps are shining bright. Amidst the top performers list of the last 24 hours, PYTH and APT tokens take the limelight. 

With an astounding surge to start this week, the altcoins are teasing a new breakout rally. As sideline traders are awaiting the secondary boosters to engage, the PYTH network and Aptos could outperform other altcoins this week. 

Let’s have a closer look at these altcoins and find if it’s the best time to invest. 

Will PYTH Network Breakout Top $2?

In the 4H chart, the PYTH token price shows a bullish reversal to revive the prevailing uptrend. With the 8.26% jump this Sunday, the altcoin concludes the pullback, leading to the resistance trendline breakout. 


The buyers claim absolute dominance at the $1-$0.90 support zone, powering the recent lift-off. As per the trend-based Fibonacci levels, the turnaround is ready to hit the 50% mark at $1.16 for a new all-time high.

Considering the uptrend sustains momentum, the altcoin price could hit the $1.45 mark. Optimistically, the 1.618% Fib level lights up as the next psychological barrier close to the $2 mark.

Will APT Price Cross $20?

Taking a bigger timeframe approach for Aptos, the daily chart reflects a rounding bottom pattern. The trend reversal starts from the bottom of $4.72 in October 2023, accounting for a 258% jump in 25 weeks. 


Leading to a golden crossover to fuel the positive trend in 50 and 200-day EMAs, the APT price trend challenges the $18.40 level. With a potential breakout, the altcoin can pump the market value beyond $20.

As per the Fibonacci levels, the rounding bottom breakout rally could target the 1.618% level at $26.85 this week. In a longer timeframe, the altcoin price pattern aims to hit the $32 mark. 

Will These Altcoins Ignite A Rally This Week?

With the bullish reversal gaining momentum in each altcoin, the chances of a breakout rally are high this week. Further, the overall market sentiment anticipating a bull run with the Bitcoin halving this month bolsters the thesis. Hence, the PYTH and APT tokens are promising bets for the sideline traders this week to capitalize on a breakout rally.


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