XRP Supporter Bill Morgan Plans Innovative Event to Cheer Up XRP Fans Amidst Community Concerns

Pro-XRP lawyer Bill Morgan has taken a proactive stance to address concerns within the XRP community. In response to ongoing frustrations about Ripple and XRP’s market performance, Morgan revealed his involvement in organizing an XRP conference through the volunteer initiative @wave_of_innov.

Bill Morgan’s Big Vision

In a recent tweet, Morgan opened up about his dedicated efforts to instigate positive change within the XRP community. His focus is on organizing a conference that delves into innovation and development within the XRP Ledger (XRPL).

Meanwhile, recognizing that many people in the community are frustrated with how Ripple and XRP are performing in the market, Morgan’s initiative is all about bringing some excitement and positive vibes back to the community members.

Despite understanding that the conference may not have an immediate impact on XRP’s market value, Morgan remains optimistic. His forward-thinking approach involves the utilization of the money they make from the conference to kickstart more activities on XRP Ledger. Morgan believes this might make more people want to use XRP in the future.

Seneschal’s Take on Ripple’s Spending

Meanwhile, this visionary approach from Bill Morgan came in response to the tweet made by X user Seneschal expressed critical sentiments regarding Ripple’s financial decisions. 

Seneschal’s tweet drew attention to Ripple’s significant expenditure, surpassing 5 million on an event, and the perceived perception of some XRP enthusiasts treating Ripple’s CEO, Brad, as a kind-hearted father. 

Seneschal delved deeper, suggesting that Ripple’s primary profits come from selling XRP to retail investors. The tweet pointed out that even after legal clarity, retail investors receive only $0.53, indicating a sort of gap between Ripple’s gains and potential losses for XRP investors.

Hopeful Move By @wave_of_innov’s

Bill Morgan praised the initiative of @wave_of_innov for arranging an XRP conference scheduled for March 22-24, 2024.

This commendation comes amid a challenging situation where the XRP price is experiencing limited movement in the market.

What’s Next for XRP?

In a move towards transparency and community involvement, Morgan posed a question to his followers, urging them to rate their interest in the upcoming initiative on a scale of 1-10. After the event, he promised to give a report card, showing how things went. This shows that he’s accountable and cares about what the community thinks.


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