Whales Preparing for the Bull Increased Their Purchases in This Altcoin, The Price Made ATH!

The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin failed to hold on to its ATH of over $73,000 and fell below $61,000 last week, with the impact of outflows in ETFs.

While BTC continues its volatile movements after this decline, horizontal movements continue in altcoins. At this point, some investors see these declines as a buying opportunity and make purchases.

According to Lookonchain’s post, whales, taking advantage of the decline, accelerated their purchases of ONDO, the RWA token.

Accordingly, 3 wallets purchased ONDO worth approximately $8 million from Bybit and Gateio exchanges.

“Whales are accumulating RWA token ONDO!

Whale “0x56F9” pulled in 6.53 million ONDO ($5.88 million) from Bybit last month.

The new wallet “0x92dD” withdrew 1.98 million ONDO ($1.78 million) from Gateio in the past hour.

Wallet “0xE6bf” withdrew 937,600 ONDO ($845k) from Gateio 3 hours ago.”

After the whales’ purchases, ONDO made ATH and reached up to $0.97. ONDO continues to trade at $0.89 at the time of writing.

Whales are accumulating #RWA token $ONDO!

Whale”0x56F9″ withdrew 6.53M $ONDO($5.88M) from #Bybit in the past month.

Fresh wallet”0x92dD” withdrew 1.98M $ONDO($1.78M) from #Gateio in the past hour.

Wallet”0xE6bf” withdrew 937,600 $ONDO($845K) from #Gateio 3 hours ago.

Address:… pic.twitter.com/o5jWqhresp

— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) March 25, 2024

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