Whale Deposits $8.07M in MKR and $3.79M in LDO to FalconX

Just 45 minutes ago, two wallets, likely controlled by the same whale, deposited substantial Maker (MKR) and Lido (LDO) tokens to FalconX, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange. The deposits included 3,600 MKR, valued at $8.07 million, and 2.4 million LDO, valued at $3.79 million. Notably, both wallets share the same FalconX deposit address, suggesting they belong to a single entity.

45 minutes ago, two wallets (likely one whale) deposited 3,600 $MKR ($8.07M) and 2.4M $LDO ($3.79M) to #FalconX.

Notably, they share the same FalconX deposit address and thus likely belong to the same whale.

Currently, these wallets have:
• An est. total profit of $41.1M…

— Spot On Chain (@spotonchain) July 9, 2024

Current Holdings and Profit Analysis

The whale’s activity in Maker tokens has been notably profitable. These wallets have an estimated total profit of $41.1 million, representing a 105% increase from their MKR investments. After the recent deposit, the wallets still hold 2,796 MKR, valued at approximately $6.27 million.

In contrast, the whale’s investments in Lido tokens have resulted in significant losses. The wallets show a total loss of $7.97 million, marking a 33.1% decrease from their LDO investments. Despite this, they still hold a substantial amount of LDO, with 7.83 million tokens valued at approximately $12.4 million.

This large-scale transfer highlights the ongoing activity of major players in the cryptocurrency market. The significant profits and losses reported provide insights into the volatility and potential of digital asset investments. As the market continues to evolve, the actions of such whales could influence broader market dynamics and investor strategies.


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