Top Shiba Inu Developer Suggests Something Exciting Is Coming

The Shiba Inu community has been drawn to a cryptic post from top developer Kaal Dhairya, hinting at the potential announcement of something exciting.

Kaal Dhairya, Shiba Inu’s top developer, has stirred excitement among SHIB holders following his recent cryptic post on the X/Twitter platform.

The post, which reads “Fun begins now,” gave SHIB holders the notion that the Shiba Inu ecosystem could be preparing to roll out something big or make a major announcement.

SHEboshi Sold Out in Minutes

It bears mentioning that Dhairya shared the cryptic message while reacting to a post from the official X account of SHEboshi confirming that the tokens have sold out.

Recall that SHEboshi sold out three to five minutes after the team made the token available to holders of Doge Killer (LEASH). These investors hurriedly minted the SHEboshi tokens without leaving any portion for the public sale.

Reacting, the SHEboshi X account thanked the community for their amazing support while revealing that it has started adding liquidity on UniSwap.

Fun begins now!

— Kaal (@kaaldhairya) February 23, 2024

For context, the Shiba Inu team introduced the community to SHEboshi earlier this month, describing the token as an experiment that will usher in a new era for NFTs.

According to the announcement, SHEboshi leveraged the DN404/ERC-404 standard, combining the best features from ERC-20 and ERC-721 standards on Ethereum.

The minting process was divided into three tiers. As reported earlier, the first claim, which lasted 48 hours, allowed existing Shiboshi holders to claim SHEboshi at zero cost.

The team prioritized LEASH holders for the second minting phase, giving them the opportunity to purchase each SHEboshi token at 0.05 ETH within a 24-hour window.

Lastly, a third phase of the minting was initially planned to be available to the general public, which would run until all SHEboshis were sold. However, LEASH holders minted all SHEboshi tokens instantly without allowing the minting process to continue into the third phase.

SHEboshi Now Tradeable on Exchanges as Team Issues New Warnings

Crypto investors can now trade SHEboshi on OpenSea, UniSwap, and ShibaSwap. Interestingly, a UAE-based crypto exchange, CoinW, also listed SHEboshi on its platform yesterday, marking the first centralized exchange listing for the DN404 token. CoinW also announced a $5,000 worth of SHEboshi giveaway to celebrate its listing.

In the meantime, the team issued multiple warnings to the community shortly after SHEboshi sold out. Users were urged to exercise caution and desist from connecting their wallets to suspicious platforms in search of SHEboshi airdrops.


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