Top Reasons Why Bitcoin (BTC) Bull Run Has Begun?

Despite the market fluctuations, Bitcoin is again in the spotlight as it gears up for a potential surge in value. With just two months remaining until its highly anticipated halving event, investors are bracing for what could be a significant uptrend in the market. 

The excitement stems from a remarkable statistic: 95% of all Bitcoin buyers are currently sitting on profits. This impressive figure underscores the resilience and profitability of the world’s leading cryptocurrency despite periodic fluctuations in its value.

In a recent YouTube video, an Altcoin Daily analyst shed light on the real reason behind the Bitcoin Pump and shared his take on the recent regulatory mess.

Understanding the Bitcoin ETF Metrics 

According to the analyst, the recent surge in Bitcoin prices is majorly fueled by developments in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Four Bitcoin ETFs, including those from industry giants like BlackRock, Fidelity, ARK Invest, and Bitwise, have garnered significant attention, ranking among the top 25 ETFs of all time. On February 9th alone, these ETFs witnessed a net influx of over $400 million. BlackRock’s IBIT, the first spot BTC ETF to reach $2 billion in assets, saw a notable increase of 2.75%. 

According to Lookonchain’s Data, key contributors to this surge include BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust, which added 4,489 BTC ($212.9 million), and Fidelity, which added 2,820 BTC ($133.7 million). This heightened investor interest is reflected in Bitcoin’s market performance, with prices surging by over 5.7% today, reaching local highs at $47,650.

It is noteworthy that Bitcoin ETFs show exceptional performance relative to previous releases. Bitcoin ETFs have steadily attracted investors since their launch, unlike traditional ETFs. This extraordinary performance shows the market maturing with more long-term investors stepping into the space.

Crypto To Face More Regulatory Challenges

However, amidst the excitement, concerns are looming on the horizon. The proposed legislation, spearheaded by Senator Elizabeth Warren, threatens to cast a shadow over the crypto market’s bright prospects. The Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act, also known as Senate Bill 2669, aims to subject cryptocurrencies to stringent financial reporting requirements akin to those imposed on traditional financial institutions.

Critics argue that such regulations could hamper crypto growth. Perianne Boring, CEO and founder of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, warns that the bill could effectively ban cryptocurrencies by imposing impractical compliance burdens on miners and wallet providers.

Bitcoin to Test $47K?

After hovering around $43,000 for about a week, Bitcoin surged to over $45,000 yesterday morning, marking its first move past this level since the retracements in January following ETF approvals. Following a minor pullback, BTC continued upward in early Asian trading hours on Friday, reaching a monthly peak of $46,750.


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