Top Crypto Project With 50-100x Growth This Year

The crypto sphere is buzzing with excitement as Coinbase’s Layer 2, BASE Network gaining humongous attraction, emerging as one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in the crypto landscape. 

Since the launch of its testnet in February 2023 its ecosystem has seen tremendous growth, with Unique Active Wallets (UAWs) skyrocketing from 20k to 270k in just 90 days. The BASE network currently generates revenue of $3- 4 million a week.

Meanwhile, the recent developments have seen a surge in interest and investment in BASE projects, leading to predictions of 50-100x growth this year. 

Top 8 Base Project With 50-100x Return

Here are 8 notable projects built on BASE, spanning categories including gaming, meme currency, infrastructure, and decentralized exchanges (DEX).

BRETT (BasedBrett)

A flagship memecoin inspired by Matt Furie’s character, Brett has gained attention in the BASE community, with a market cap of $331 million. Currently Brett token is trading at $0.008647, reflecting a 4.88% increase over the last 24 hours.

TOSHI (Toshi_base)

Representing Brian Armstrong’s cat, Toshi aims to promote adoption in the BASE series through meme culture. With a market cap of $146 million. 

AERO (aerodromefi)

Aerodrome is the leading trading and investment marketplace in BASE, with 34k active users and a total closed value (TVL) of $341 million. As of now, AERO has seen a slight increase and hovering at $0.82.

NORMIE (NormieBase)

Designed for everyday users, Normie aims to strengthen the BASE ecosystem by attracting millions of Normies. With a market cap of $113 million.

WAGMI Games (WagmiGameCo)

A games-focused firm on Web3 mobile games, WAGMI Games recently announced its move to BASE, with a market capitalization of $46 million

TYBG (tybasegod)

Tybasegod, known as “The most Based meme on Base”, promotes a community that focuses on respect and understanding. Its market cap was $45 million. Currently, TYBG token price is standing at $0.00040 with an 11.5% surge in its price.

GMR (GMRCenter) 

GMR Center bridges gaming and blockchain, adding features like Leet Lotto and Battle Leet to its Metaverse “GamerVerse.” Its market cap was $7 million. Since in the last 24 hours GMR Token has seen a surge of 40% with a price trading at $0.029.


ParallelTCG, a science fiction-themed card game, allows players to shape the fate of humanity by placing technology on decks and military buildings when it has not yet earned its tokens.

However, The BASE ecosystem is seeing unprecedented growth and innovation, driven by the collective efforts of developers and enthusiasts in the Coinbase mindset with promising projects and a community of supporters BASE is equipped with to redefine the future of Web3 adoption and change the crypto landscape.


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