Top 4 Major Factors Fueling Massive Crypto Bull Run 2024-25

Famous crypto analyst, Lark Davis, once again set fire amidst blazing speculations of a crypto bull run in 2024 or soon. Lark Davis, in his latest post on social media platform X mentioned 4 reasons which will serve as “major catalysts” for a potential 2024-25 bull run. 

Massive Bull Run in 2024-25

Davis predicts that the 2024-25 bull run is going to be massive, with 4 factors serving as the major catalysts in the process.

The Bitcoin Halving

The Bitcoin halving in 2024 is expected by every analyst to significantly impact prices, with diverse expert predictions ranging from $80,000 to $1.5 million.The halving, designed to ease inflation, occurs every four years, reducing mining rewards.

Ilan Solot, a renowned crypto analyst, in a recent prediction pointed out the stark relation between Bitcoin halving and the S&P 500. While Bitcoin’s halving is a fundamental event affecting its supply dynamics, Solot notes that its correlation with the S&P 500 may vary, highlighting that multiple factors need to be considered for doing a comprehensive market analysis.

Trillion Dollars from Trade-Fi coming in

Trade-Fi, the convergence of traditional finance and crypto, makes many experts anticipate an inflow of trillions of dollars from traditional finance markets. This significant capital entering the crypto space through Bitcoin Spot ETFs has poised to act as a pivotal catalyst, fueling a potential bull run. The influx of Trillion Dollar TradFi (Traditional Finance) money into Trade-Fi is poised to be a transformative catalyst for a significant crypto bull run. 

RWAs flowing on-chain

The on-chain flow of Real World Assets (RWAs) represent a potential game-changer, acting as a powerful catalyst for a crypto bull run. As RWAs bridge the gap between traditional and blockchain-based finance, their increased presence on the blockchain not only enhances security and transparency but also attracts significant institutional interest.

The integration of RWAs into the crypto space is expected to boost investor confidence, influence widespread adoption, and fuel a substantial surge in cryptocurrency prices. 

Elections in 64 countries

On the contrary, another catalyst for crypto bull run arises from the upcoming U.S. election year in 2024. It is expected that after elections, the headline-grabbing activities by the U.S. regulators might cool down.

Consequently, the crypto landscape may encounter fewer adverse developments that could dampen investor sentiment, potentially paving the way for a forthcoming bullish trend.

In summary, many influencing factors including the inflow and outflow post-approval of Bitcoin ETFs, institutional adoption, and the broader crypto market dynamics will all play their parts as a catalyst for the 2024-25 massive bullish run of the cryptocurrency market. 


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