SubQuery Network Reaches Milestone, Becomes Open and Permissionless

SubQuery Network is a pioneer in decentralized web3 infrastructure. It recently passed a major milestone which is crucial to its network evolution. As a result of this, it has become an open, permissionless platform for all. Moreover, it allows easy access to decentralized indexed data and RPC endpoints. Earlier, SubQuery announced partnership with Stargaze to improve its NFT marketplace experience.

SubQuery Network to Remove Publishing Restrictions to Foster Diversity

This update makes SubQuery smooth and uninterrupted. Additionally, users can quickly create a Flex plan for their favorite RPC network with a production-ready API key. Customers can pay with SQT tokens to integrate the plan into real-world apps. SubQuery routes requests through its gateway to a global network of independent node operators for an uncompromised alternative.

After eliminating project publishing restrictions, SubQuery Network authors can actively expand it. Meanwhile, this inclusive policy promotes diversity by letting developers and producers share labor. Moreover, accessibility boosts creativity and networking in the ecosystem.

SubQuery Network makes project deployment easy with no staking and seconds of completion. This inexpensive method encourages developers to use the network’s benefits, increasing adoption.

Similarly, SubQuery Network aids developers and designers in tech stack expansion. First, 100 decentralized, geographically isolated Indexers provide dApp infrastructure with data. Maintaining continuity decreases centralized system risks.

Decentralized indexers speed user queries. Increased user experience promotes decentralized app use and participation. Since it is infinitely scalable, the SubQuery Network can add indexers as user bases grow. Easy scalability matches expanding demand, ensuring project continuity.

SubQuery Facilitates Decentralized Data Control and Governance to Empower Users

Developer kits for network clients make migration and integration into SubQuery Network dApps easy. This lets developers use decentralization without tech issues. Development of web3 apps requires decentralization. Centralized infrastructure in popular dApps hinders web3 future. Centralization introduces single points of failure for decentralized apps and networks.

By enabling decentralized data control, SubQuery Network reduces these dangers and empowers users. Develop apps and services without centralized platforms with decentralization. Furthermore, community governance gives users more authority in platform development and direction.

Ultimately, the SubQuery Network leads decentralized web3 infrastructure. In addition to this, it gives its growing user community unparalleled access and potential. Network removes project publication permits and offers customer plans. Furthermore, these improvements will boost decentralized ecosystem innovation and adoption.


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