Solana-Based Meme Coin Honk and Bonk Rivalry Heats Up As HONK Price Skyrockets

Solana-based goose-themed meme coin Honk debuted on January 13, starting a rivalry with Solana meme coin Bonk. Honk meme coin project states it has only one goal to flip Bonk in market cap and price. HONK is inspired by the viral video game “Untitled Goose Game.”

Can Honk Flip Bonk?

The recent growth of the Solana ecosystem was backed substantially by meme coins Bonk, Dogwifhat, Myro, and others. Honk tries to flip Solana’s top Bonk meme coin, which currently has a $613 million market cap.

Bonk has a huge following and holders after the recent airdrop, which even caused Solana Mobile Saga smartphone to go sold out as people rushed to buy the smartphone to get free BONK airdrops.

Meanwhile, Honk has a market cap of just $11.44 million and a max token supply of 1 billion. Interestingly, Honk has a unique tokenomics structure, featuring a 0% tax on transactions, making it a user-friendly and attractive investment.

Honk said the Instagram advertising campaign for the meme crypto was a massive success, pushing it into the trending sections for both CoinMarketCap and Solana.

Where Can You Buy HONK?

HONK meme cryptocurrency is available to purchase on crypto exchanges including Raydium, Orca, Poloniex, Jupiter, LBank. The listings have caused a prompt buying of HONK as the meme coin project plans to conduct surprise airdrops in the few months.

MEXC has announced the listing of HONK, becoming the third centralized exchange to list HONK. MEXC will list the meme coin in HONK/USDT trading pair. Users can start trading on February 7 at 04:00 UTC.

Honk asserts there will be many more listings coming in the future as the community continues to expand and demand for it continues to rise.

HONK Price Rally While BONK Fades

HONK price rallied over 800% after debut last month, but gave some gains. The price is still trading above 400% and trading at $0.01236. It hit a high of $0.02472 from the all-time low price of $0.002431.

Furthermore, the trading volume is rising daily, indicating a rise in interest among investors. Whereas, BONK price fell since HONK debut. The rally for BONK has now faded as other Solana-based meme coins take over the hype.

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