Ripple Returns: XRP Poised to Enter US Market After 3-Year Hiatus 

After a three-year hiatus in the American markets, Ripple, a leading crypto network, is making waves by bringing XRP live to the U.S. Senior Director Oliver Segovia shared the news on LinkedIn, emphasizing Ripple’s focus on building and growing its presence.

To address the fact that 90% of Ripple’s business is outside the U.S., the company plans to introduce product updates driven by its Money Transmitter Licenses (MTLs), covering most U.S. states. This move aims to leverage Ripple’s global standing in crypto and blockchain, offering efficient cross-border transaction solutions.

In a bid to engage its fintech community, Ripple is hosting a meetup at its San Francisco headquarters in January. The event will feature a panel discussion led by heads of products Brendan Berry and Pegah Soltani, moderated by U.S. Managing Director Joanie Xie. Industry experts from companies like Adyen and Marqeta will also be part of this gathering.

Global recruitment drive

Ripple is not just building its network; it’s actively recruiting across the globe, including major cities like London, Toronto, San Francisco, and Bangalore. This dual approach reflects Ripple’s commitment to both network expansion and business growth.

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Ripple in the US Markets

Ripple’s payment service utilizes XRP as its native token, functioning as a bridge currency. This unique approach ensures lightning-fast transactions at a significantly lower cost than traditional methods.

As Ripple unveils its plan to introduce XRP to the U.S., there’s anticipation for a significant impact in American markets, mirroring the remarkable growth witnessed in other countries.

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