Ripple News: Only 500 Million XRP Unlocked from Escrow, Raises Questions On Future Releases

Ripple, the blockchain giant, has released 500 million XRP from its escrow for April, sparking discussions in the cryptocurrency market, especially amidst heightened scrutiny of its XRP sales by the XRP community. This development has prompted questions about the potential release of other 500 million token batches.

XRP Escrow Monthly Unlock

According to Whale Alert’s data, the most recent escrow execution took place today at 02:51 (UTC) for April, involving 500 million XRP valued at a staggering $314.87 million, as the remaining 500 million XRP tokens are yet to be released.

However, the Ripple address that received the tokens has not yet distributed or sold them, maintaining a balance of 500 million XRP. The wallet’s escrow balance has now depleted to 4.5 billion XRP tokens, with the next execution scheduled for May 1st.

Initially, Ripple announced the locking of 55 billion XRP in escrow, with plans to release $1 billion worth of coins each month. This measure was intended to regulate the token’s market dynamics.

500Million Token Left To Unlock

Ripple usually releases 1 billion XRP from escrow each month, but sometimes this changes. As reported by Coinpedia last month, Ripple released only 500 million XRP and kept 800 million locked up due to a technical issue preventing further unlocking.

In February, they only released 800 million XRP at first but later completed the 1 billion quota. This year, January was the only month when Ripple followed its usual pattern: unlocking 1 billion XRP and then relocking 800 million.

The question remains whether the blockchain company will release an additional 500 million XRP for April.

Morgan’s Views On Ripple’s Release

According to pro-XRP lawyer Bill Morga Morgan, this release is part of Ripple’s routine strategy, where 1 billion XRP is released from escrow each month. He emphasized that such releases are a regular practice by Ripple.

Additionally, Morgan explained that the 1 billion release plan usually occurs in two tranches of 500 million. While some of the released XRP is used to support various aspects by increasing the circulating supply, the majority is returned to escrow.

Although the release may affect XRP’s price in the short term, Ripple needs to ensure liquidity, particularly with growing demand from businesses and partners.

XRP Price Analysis

As of now, the XRP price was down 2.49% to $0.614, with its one-day trading volume soaring 16.44% to $1.2 billion. Notably, the crypto has lost about 3% in the last seven days, while noting a monthly decline of over 1%.


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