Polkadot’s Community Coin PINK launches on March 21 

Polkadot (DOT) has announced the launch of its long-anticipated community coin PINK, according to the latest information shared with Finbold on March 21.

With a total supply capped at 2,300,001,221, a nod to Polkadot’s RGB color code, PINK will launch on Polkadot AssetHub.

PINK distribution

To ensure equitable distribution, the coin has been distributed to leading parachains (12.5% of the supply) and 14 communities that proved pivotal in promoting the Polkadot ecosystem.

Moonbeam users will receive the largest share of the airdrop, followed by Bifrost and Astar (ASTR).

Each parachain has the autonomy to distribute its portion as it sees fit.


In a bid to cultivate the PINK community, the devs behind the Great Escape game designed PINKDROP, a browser game serving as an interactive introduction to the Polkadot ecosystem.

The game challenges players with tasks aimed at combining balls representing different parachains to create the ultimate Polkadot ball.

Players can compete for points and leaderboard scores, striving to expand their controlled ball until it reaches its peak.

A sum of 15% of the total PINK supply has been designated for PINKDROP participants, with additional rewards on the way for those completing social tasks like sharing their high scores.

Since its launch in December, PINKDROP has seen over 225 thousand game sessions logged by around 14 thousand unique IP addresses.

Gaming community airdrops

Additional airdrops, constituting 2.5% of the total PINK supply, have been reserved for gaming communities joining the fray to foster GameFi development and adoption on the Polkadot platform.

Looking ahead, Pinkdrop is hopeful for exciting changes within the ecosystem, with plans for a league mode featuring daily tournaments and PINK rewards.

The innovative approach not only promotes the adoption of PINK but also underscores its integration potential with Polkadot, offering more incentive for active participation.


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