Netflix to Air ‘XRP Unleashed’ Documentary: The Inside Scoop on Ripple and Crypto Regulation

The XRP community is on cloud nine as they finally glimpse the much-anticipated “XRP Unleashed” trailer, a documentary centered on XRP. The trailer teases insights into U.S. crypto regulation, Bitcoin ETF rumors, and the potential for the next Bull Run, exclusively available on Netflix. Polling results say 94% will watch this epic documentary. Here’s how crypto reacted to the news. 

XRP Unleashed Trailer Launched: Here’s what to expect!

Abs, a crypto expert, writes on X about the mega release of the “XRP Unleashed” trailer. He shares it with the community and starts a poll to see how many people want to watch the full documentary when it comes out on streaming services. Surprisingly, a vast 94.4% of the group was excited to watch the documentary to get the insight scoop on Ripple vs SEC.

Produced by Fruition Production, the documentary aims to dig into intricate details surrounding recent events involving XRP and Ripple. This includes the U.S. regulatory lawsuit, market turmoil, and Bill Hinman’s controversial speech granting Ethereum a “free pass.” The documentary features discussions with prominent crypto influencers, financial advisors, Ripple personnel, and legal experts.

In the trailer, Zach Rector said that the SEC’s targeting of Ripple and XRP is part of an effort to control the crypto, citing XRP as a significant threat to the established banking and financial system. 

However, Attorney John Deaton expressed concerns about the U.S. government’s approach, labeling it as one of the “biggest bullies” globally. He highlighted the review of the complaint against Ripple and expressed worry about the adverse impact on individuals who invested their life savings in XRP. 

The trailer concluded with Deaton teasing “regulatory capture 101,” referred to as ETHGATE, an enduring scandal about Ethereum’s favorable position in the eyes of the U.S. SEC.

Fruition Production has disclosed that the full XRP documentary, “XRP Unleashed,” will be available on streaming platforms such as Netflix, adding to the anticipation within the XRP community for some major scoops and controversies not disclosed before. 

We are excited to see how Ripple aspires to strengthen Crypto in Gary Gensler’s rule, are you?


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