Munchables Insider Steals $62.5 Million, Then Returns It in Bizzare Web3 Heist

In a major event this year, the web3 game Munchables, hosted on the Blast layer-2 platform, faced a severe cyberattack, causing significant financial loss. According to blockchain researcher ZachXBT, the attack resulted in the disappearance of 17,400 ETH, worth $62.5 million.

What’s intriguing is that the developer responsible for the theft returned the funds without any conditions.

The Hunt for Answers – Who is to Bame?

Speculation swirls around the source of the attack, with ZachXBT suggesting North Korea’s involvement. This isn’t the first time the country has been linked to such incidents, having targeted various crypto projects in the past such as the Ronin Network, CoinEx, Stake, Atomic Wallet, and Harmony.

Further investigation by ZachXBT revealed potential collusion between four Munchables developers and the perpetrator. These individuals seemed to have a close-knit relationship, recommending each other for jobs, sharing finances, and even exchanging donations.

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Redemption at Last?

Despite the setback, Blast Core members showed resilience, accumulating $97 million in a multi-signature wallet. Meanwhile, the Munchables ex-developer voluntarily returned the stolen funds, marking an unexpected turn in the story.

To assist in the recovery of user funds, the Munchables developer published all the relevant private keys. This includes key 3, holding $62,535,441.24, another key of 73 WETH, and an owner key for the rest. Surprisingly, he has agreed to give away these keys without any conditions; thus, a quick settlement of this crisis was ensured.

Next Steps

Munchables remains committed to user security, refraining from enforcing lockdrops. Additionally, Blast-related rewards will proceed as planned, with more updates expected.

As investigations continue and recovery efforts persist, the gaming community eagerly anticipates the outcome of this significant cyberattack.

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