Legal Turmoil: Do Kwon’s House Arrest Amidst Extradition Uncertainty

Do Kwon’s legal troubles seem to be never-ending? With his trial pending in the U.S. and the extradition deal not yet cleared and confirmed legally, Do Kwon, the co-founder of Terraform Labs, has been ordered from incarceration to house arrest in the latest court order. 

House Arrest and Travel Restrictions

TerraUSD Cofounder Do Kwon’s legal troubles began with the catastrophic collapse of TerraUSD, amounting to a staggering $40 billion. 

On 22nd March, the Montenegrin Supreme Court order relieved Kwon from his jail time by sending him on a house arrest. 

However, along with the house arrest, the Montenegrin Supreme Court has also ordered passport detention and travel restrictions on Do Kwon, thereby effectively confining him to the borders of Montenegro. 

A couple of days back, the Montenegro Supreme Prosecutor questioned the authority of the High Court to pass the extradition request of Do Kwon to the U.S. The intervention and the lower court overstepping its boundary led the Supreme Court to intervene and halt the extradition process.

Local reports reveal the Council of the Supreme Court, composed of Judge Milenka Seka Žižić as the president of the council and judges Ana Vuković, Zoran Šćepanović, Dr. Vesna Vučković, and Seka Piletić, implemented this decision by citing Article 440, paragraph 4 of the Criminal Procedure Code, which mentions that “the Supreme Court, considering the content of the request for legal protection, may decide to postpone or suspend the execution of a final court decision.”

As Do Kwon navigates the complexities of the legal landscape, his transition to house arrest marks a pivotal moment in his tumultuous journey. While uncertainties loom large, this respite offers stability amidst the turbulent seas of extradition and legal intricacies.


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