Interoperability Protocol LayerZero Soars to $3B Valuation; Upcoming Airdrop?

Omnichain interoperability protocol LayerZero has garnered significant attention from prominent investors, resulting in a valuation of $3 billion. With anticipation building around its upcoming yet-to-be-launched token airdrop, the growing interest solidifies the protocol’s impact.

LayerZero is reportedly designed to seamlessly connect blockchains while ensuring smooth cross-chain transactions with its models. Moreover, LayerZero’s ZRO airdrop is expected to occur soon, fueling investors’ interest in the token.

According to reports, several projects are built on or utilizing LayerZero’s technology, including the bridging platform Stargate, the RWA gaming asset tokenization protocol MetaZero, the decentralized lending and borrowing protocol Radiant Capital, and the decentralized exchange Trader Joe.

It is widely believed that interaction with LayerZero integrated platforms and protocols could provide traders and investors with a strategic advantage in terms of the increased likelihood of receiving the ZRO airdrop.

Additionally, reports added that the omnichain interoperability protocol is backed by prominent venture capital firms such as a167, Sequoia, and Coinbase Ventures. These partnerships led LayerZero’s $120 million raise to reach a $3 billion valuation.

Another reported method to keep an eye on the ZRO airdrop is by monitoring the protocol’s Discord activity. LayerZero’s Discord channel serves as a means of interaction with the community and its members, providing answers to questions and assistance.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) highlighted LayerZero’s technology, stating that the protocol “standardizes how information is passed across any blockchain.” Moreover, the WEF added that LayerZero has facilitated the movement of $50 billion in value and accounted for 97% of cross-chain message volume.

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