Here’s Why Chainlink (LINK) Price Is Set for Another Leap in Feb

Chainlink Price: The twelfth largest cryptocurrency Chainlink has been an outperforming asset in February 2024. Within a fortnight, the coin price jumped from $13.6 to $19.79 high, registering 45% growth. However, the LINK price has remained quiet in the last few days, projecting signs of a post-rally consolidation. Will this sideways action lead to higher growth or a precursor new correction?

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Is Chainlink Price Ready to Surpass $20?

Chainlink Price| Tradingview

Despite a recent uptick in the border market, which pushed the bitcoin price above the $46000 mark, the Chainlink price has traded majority sideways. This consolation in the 4-hour time frame chart resonated within two converging trendlines which indicated pennant pattern formation.

This chart pattern commonly observed in an established uptrend offers in-between breathers to recuperate the exhausted bullish momentum. Thus, the converging trendline indicates the LINK price is poised for a decisive breakout which would signal the continuation of the recovery trendline.

Adding to the bullish note is a recent highlight from crypto analytics firm Intotheblock about $LINK whales accumulation. Over the past five days, this mysterious crypto whale has transferred a staggering total of 4,556,684 $LINK, valued at approximately $83.6 million, from Binance into 55 newly created wallets.

This mysterious whale continues to accumulate $LINK!

And has accumulated a total of 4,556,684 $LINK ($83.6M) from #Binance via 55 fresh wallets in the past 5 days.

— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) February 10, 2024

This significant move despite current consoldation highlights a deepening interest in $LINK within the crypto community and could potentially signal upcoming market movements. If the LINK price breaks the overhead trendline with a 4-hour candle closing, the buyers will gain a suitable launchpad to drive recovery to $20.5, followed by $23.

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Technical Indicator

  • Experimental Moving Average: The LINK price suitability above daily EMAs(20, 50, 100, and 200) indicates the near-term rally is bullish. The rising price obtains dynamic support from the 20 and 50 EMA slope.
  • Relative Strength Index: The daily RSI slope wavering around 50% reflects the neutral sentiment among traders.

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