Four Devs Linked To Munchable Exploit Are The Same Individual – ZachXBT

ZachXBT, a famous crypto personality known for on-chain investigations, believes four devs linked to the recent Munchables exploit are the same person. In a recent post on X, the 2D detective highlighted the connections between the devs and how they point towards the fictitious characters of one individual.

Four different devs hired by the Munchables team and linked to the exploiter are likely all the same person as they:

>recommended each other for the job
>regularly transferred payments to the same two exchange deposit addresses >funded each others wallets

Github Username…

— ZachXBT (@zachxbt) March 27, 2024

According to ZachXBT, all four dev personalities recommended each other for the job with Munchables. From his investigations, he discovered the devs regularly transferred payments to the same two exchange deposit addresses, suggesting the characters funded each other’s wallets.

Meanwhile, the on-chain detective further provided details of the exploiters’ payment and exchange deposit addresses, despite insisting they remain the same person. He identified the “fictitious” characters with their GitHub Usernames: NelsonMurua913, Werewolves0493, BrightDragon0719, and Super1114.

On Tuesday, March 26, Munchables reported via its official X account that hackers had compromised its platform. The Web3 gaming platform based on the Ethereum Layer 2 Blast lost $62.5 million in one of the biggest exploits of the year. ZachXBT identified the exploiter’s address shortly after Munchable’s report, noting that the address contained about 17,400 ETH.

Following the exploit, the GameFi project confirmed tracking asset movements to stop the transactions. The project also promised to keep users updated with the tracking process as they sought a solution to the exploit. Munchable also confirmed it allocated a compensatory treasury pool for all users who had ETH Deposited to re-claim their funds.

Data from Defillama shows a sharp drop in Munchable’s total value locked (TVL) following the exploit. The gaming projects’ TVL dropped from $96.16 million to $34.17 million in a few hours. Munchable has not provided further information to users nearly 24 hours after the exploit. However, the project’s community remains hopeful as the team and other interested parties continue tracking the transactions.

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