Expert Predicts $500 XRP Will Be a Bargain in 5 Years

Edoardo Farina, CEO of Alpha Lions Academy and Head of Social Adoption for XRP Healthcare, foresees a future in which the investing public considers buying XRP at $500 a bargain deal.

Farina voiced this sentiment in a recent post on X, highlighting his five-year projections for the XRP ecosystem. The community pundit anticipates that governments worldwide, bankers, and retail users will utilize XRP for various financial use cases in five years.

Furthermore, Farina is optimistic that gold will have been tokenized on the XRP Ledger by 2029. Regarding Ripple, the primary firm leveraging XRP for payments, Farina expects it would have evolved into a multi-trillion-dollar enterprise by then.

In January, Ripple was valued at around $11.3 billion following the reacquisition of $285 million shares from original investors and employees. Notably, the firm also boasted a crypto reserve of over $25 billion at the time.

XRP to be Considered Cheap at $500

Meanwhile, Farina hopes that within five years, XRP will garner more positive coverage from mainstream media outlets like Fortune, WSJ, and Forbes.

Regarding the future price of XRP, Farina proposed that retail investors and enthusiasts would be bragging about buying XRP at $500 per coin. This suggests that he foresees XRP becoming much more valuable by 2029, so people could consider a $500 purchase a great deal.

5 years in the future I see:
– $XRP used by Governments, banks & retail customers worldwide
– Gold tokenized on the $XRP Ledger
– @ripple is a multi-trillion Company
– $XRP on the cover of Fortune, Forbes, WSJ, etc.
– Retail & maxis bragging about buying XRP at $500

— EDO FARINA 🅧 XRP (@edward_farina) June 25, 2024

Notably, XRP has a current market value of $0.4731. The $500 projection suggests that the asset could increase by over 105,585% by 2029, potentially putting the XRP market at approximately $50 trillion.

Other notable community members share Farina’s projection that XRP will be considered cheap at $500. Two months ago, ambitious XRP proponent BarriC argued that many in the crypto scene will see buying XRP from $100 to $500 as a bargain by 2033.

Moreover, Farina and BarriC have voiced even more audacious sentiments, predicting that XRP could reach $1,000 or even $10,000 someday.

However, market watchers outside the XRP community do not share this optimism. Analysts at the crypto exchange Changelly propose a more extended timeline of 2050 for XRP to attain $500, which they see as its maximum price rather than a bargain.

Similarly, Telegaon pundits have a more conservative outlook, suggesting a maximum price of $105 for XRP by 2050.


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