Expert List Out Top Altcoin With Biggest Return In 2024

After Bitcoin’s record-breaking all-time high (ATH), the price of the cryptocurrency market saw a notable correction in its value, causing the top altcoins to reflect this same. In the meantime, many altcoins with sluggish surges looking to explode soon.

Renowned crypto trader Stockmoney Lizards sheds light on the ongoing market dynamics, highlighting the opportunity to accumulate top altcoins as the crypto market currently facing significant price correction.

Meanwhile, the analyst has listed out the top altcoin with the biggest return in 2024.

Top Altcoin To Accumulate

RENDER (RNDR): Despite a modest 3.52% move, RNDR’s bullish chart suggests a potential rebound after another ATH hit. With a market cap of $4 billion, RNDR is currently trading at $10.62.

FILECOIN (FIL): FIL holds a strong long-term outlook, with a defined reserve area and high volatility. Trading at $8.58, FIL saw a 5.8% decline, bringing a trading volume of $374 million in the past 24 hours.

IMMUTABLE X (IMX): IMX has maintained a consistent uptrend since October 2023, currently correcting with potential support at previous swing highs. Currently trading at $2.82, IMX has a market cap of $3.9 billion.

KASPA (KAS): KAS presents a complex chart similar to Bitcoin’s growth pattern. KASPA is currently down 8.59% and is trading at $0.14.

RIPPLE (XRP): While XRP’s chart initially looks solid, especially its failure to print new highs amid a sharp decline in trading volume. XRP is currently trading at $0.61 after a decrease of 34.14% in trading volume.

POLKADOT (DOT): DOT’s long-term strategy shows continued higher floor growth compared to January 2024. Currently, DOT sees $8.92 with a trading volume of $285 million.

FETCH AI (FET): FET shows positive signals with a clear breakout pattern despite limited historical data, achieving a 4.5% decline. With a trading volume of $255 million, FET is trading at $2.48.

THE GRAPH (GRT): GRT’s bullish breakout suggests a possible upside for ATH, although trading volume shows a significant decline. GRT is currently down 12.19% and trading at $0.36.

SUI: Short-term performance of SUI shows promise amid ongoing hype, despite challenges in interpretation due to limited historical data. Further analysis is needed to assess SUI’s potential.

FANTOM (FTM): FTM is showing a strong long-term chart pattern, which could reach new ATH despite a decline of 4.52%. Trading at $1.09, FTM has a market cap of $3.04 billion.

As the cryptocurrency market continues through correction and volatility, traders are paying close attention to these developments to identify potential investment opportunities and market outlook.


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