Diversify Before Bitcoin Halving: Top 5 Real-World Asset (RWA) Cryptos to Buy Now

In his latest video analysis, Miles Deutscher chimed into the realm of real-world asset (RWA) altcoins, identifying them as a sector with significant potential for strong gains in the ongoing crypto bull run.

While Bitcoin exhibits sideways movement, altcoins in the RWA sector are starting to show signs of awakening, presenting an opportunity for investors.

Understanding Real-World Assets (RWA)

But what exactly are RWAs? And which coins are the best to buy in March 2024? 

Miles sees a bright future for the RWA sector, which involves tokenizing real estate and stocks on the blockchain. He points to BlackRock’s recent move to launch an asset tokenization fund on Ethereum as a significant indicator of this trend’s validity. This strategic shift by the world’s largest wealth management fund signals a seismic change, with projections from Boston Consulting Group suggesting a potential surge to $16 trillion by 2030.

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Keep Your Eye on These Altcoins!

As an essential infrastructure component for real-world asset applications, Chainlink serves as a vital oracle connecting real-world data to the blockchain. Miles sees Chainlink as a blue-chip asset in his portfolio, offering exposure to the RWA sector indirectly while providing long-term growth potential.

Ono Finance (ONO)

Ono Finance emerges as a direct proxy for the RWA sector, offering users the ability to earn a yield on US treasuries and dollar money markets across multiple chains. With a focus on regulatory compliance and innovative features like global markets, Ono Finance has become a leader in the RWA space, attracting investor attention.

Mantra (OM)

Meanwhile, Mantra plays a crucial role as a regulatory-compliant RWA infrastructure provider catering to institutional needs. Positioned as a layer 1 blockchain designed specifically for RWA applications, Mantra offers a unique avenue for investors seeking exposure to the sector’s underlying infrastructure.

Pendle Finance (PENDLE)

Next up is Pendle Finance, which acts as a hub for yield from RWA protocols on the blockchain. It provides financial products like the Reward Asset Financial Product. With its flexible platform, Pendle lets liquidity providers earn yield across different chains, making it an indirect proxy for the RWA sector.

Other Promising Protocols

While the RWA sector may still be in its early stages, Miles identifies promising upcoming protocols like Red Belly, poised to further expand the landscape. He also highlights Lingo, a protocol focused on real estate-backed rewards tokens, as an exciting application of RWA technology.

Will You Join the RWA Wave?

With the Bitcoin halving just a month away, momentum within the RWA sector is palpable, offering investors a compelling opportunity to capitalize on its growth potential. Infrastructure stalwarts like Chainlink, alongside direct players like Ono Finance, present promising avenues for investors looking to diversify their crypto portfolios.


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