BOME Whale Predicts The Solana-Based Memecoin Would Be The Next

According to Lookonchain, the smart money on-chain platform, the whale who withdrew $2.3 million from Binance to buy 314 million BOME predicts the novel memecoin will be the next SHIB. The whale accurately predicted BOME’s recent rise and bought the memecoin before Binance listed it on its platform.

The smart money who withdrew $2.3M from #Binance to buy 314M $BOME before #Binance listed $BOME just tweeted his story.

He is very bullish on $BOME and thinks it will be the next $SHIB.

And we just think he is smart to bet on $BOME accurately.

Just to clarify: we do not have…

— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) March 28, 2024

In a recent post on X, the identified whale noted it was not all bloom for him as an investor in crypto assets. According to him, a market downturn on March 15 caused him to panic over his capital in Binance Futures, where he risked liquidation. However, he quickly redirected his investment and bought BOME, the Solana-based memecoin.

Although the whale intended to preserve his capital, he claimed to have changed his mind after observing a growth in BOME’s popularity. According to the BOME investor, the newly launched memecoin became as famous as SHIB across the cryptocurrency network, turning the intended capital preservation into a viable investment.

Following SHIB’s growth pattern and the similarity he observed between the Shiba Inu memecoin and BOME, the whale claimed to have envisaged a similar scenario. However, he noted that BOME’s situation was more intense, leading to his decision to invest in the Solana-based memecoin.
BOME started trading on November 16, 2024, for $0.00751, rallying over 300% within the first few hours, according to data from TradingView. The whale’s account indicates he invested in the memecoin before the rally began, making him one of the highest gainers from the rally. BOME traded for $0.0133 at the time of writing after pulling back from the initial rally and staging a recovery to the upside.

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