Bitcoin’s Layer 2 Altcoins on Fire as BTC Price Hits 25-Month High

The recent surge in Bitcoin’s Layer 2 (L2) tokens shows Bitcoin’s true prowess. These tokens, which were underrated so far including MUBI, TRAC, INSC, PEPE, and MEME, have experienced massive price increases, closely mirroring Bitcoin’s climb to $56,700 on February 27th. 

Crypto Frenzy: Bitcoin Scaling Tokens and BRC-20 Coins Soar!

This week started with  Bitcoin scaling tokens and BRC-20 coin’s outstanding performance, outpacing the broader crypto market, including BTC, which hit $56,443, marking a 25-month high.

There is no doubt that the Bitcoin rally pushed the doors for smart contract and scaling platform tokens such as Stacks (STX) and RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF), underscoring the market’s confidence in Bitcoin’s scalability and smart contract capabilities.

Stacks Steals the Spotlight!

On February 27th, Stacks, which has been generating a lot of buzz on social media lately experienced a remarkable surge of 30%. This surge propelled its value from an intraday low of $2.44 to a peak of $3.21 during early trading. Notably, this surge effectively doubled the value of Stacks over just 30 days, indicating a significant bullish trend.

Notably, Stacks’ rising value brought its token, STX, very close to its all-time high, reaching $3.11, just 9% below its peak in December 2021. This truly indicates a resurgence in investor confidence in Stacks and its growth potential.

Moreover, Stacks has seen a substantial boom in social activity over the past year, with interactions surging by nearly 16,000%. This surge in social engagement is related to the growing excitement surrounding Bitcoin layer-2 solutions, of which Stacks is a prominent player.

RIF, MAP, MUBI, MEME Join the Party

Another token associated with Bitcoin’s ecosystem, the native token of the RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF), also experienced a notable surge of 25% on the same day, climbing from $0.193 to $0.242 before a slight dip. Rootstock Infrastructure Framework adds smart contract abilities to Bitcoin, enabling DApps without altering Bitcoin’s core. As per the DefiLlama report, RIF holds over half of all Bitcoin sidechains’ TVL, around $161M, while Stacks has $138M, approximately 43%.

Moving ahead, other Bitcoin-related scaling tokens, such as MAP, and BRC-20 tokens like MUBI and MEME, saw significant increases in value on the same day, indicating a broader positive sentiment towards projects within Bitcoin’s ecosystem. 

Overall, the surge in Bitcoin’s Layer 2 tokens underscores the importance of scalability solutions in unlocking Bitcoin’s full potential as a digital currency. As Bitcoin continues to gain traction as a store of value and medium of exchange, Layer 2 tokens like MUBI, TRAC, INSC, PEPE, and MEME are poised to play a crucial role in expanding Bitcoin’s utility and adoption worldwide.


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