Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Bulls Regain Strength and Rise Toward Upper Resistance Levels 

Bitcoin’s price trajectory on March 25, 2024, showcases bullish momentum, coasting along at ranges between $66,934 to $67,087 per unit. The day’s trading ranged from $64,568 to $67,672, indicating a volatile yet upward trend.


A close examination of bitcoin’s (BTC) oscillators suggests a predominantly neutral to bullish sentiment among traders. The relative strength index (RSI) at 55 and the Stochastic at 41, along with other indicators like the commodity channel index (CCI) and the average directional index (ADI), signal a market in equilibrium, awaiting directional cues. However, the awesome oscillator and momentum hint at underlying buying pressure, contrasting with the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) level’s bearish signal, underscoring the market’s complexity and traders’ cautious optimism.

Bitcoin chart by Tradingview

Bitcoin’s moving averages (MAs) paint a diverse picture, primarily skewing towards bullish action with the exponential moving average (EMA) and simple moving average (SMA) across various periods largely indicating positive signals. Notably, the SMA (20)’s bearish signal is an outlier in an otherwise bullish trend across shorter and longer periods, reflecting potential temporary overvaluations but affirming the overall upward trajectory.

The 1-hour chart reveals a recent uptrend, suggesting bullish short-term momentum with the price consolidating after a sharp rise. For traders, the strategy involves waiting for a breakout above the recent high or a breakdown below the consolidation. The 4-hour chart amplifies the bullish trend seen in the shorter time frame, with more pronounced pullbacks indicating a volatile but decisively bullish market.

The daily chart underscores a clear uptrend with higher volume on up days, signifying strong market participation and confidence in Bitcoin’s value proposition. The strategy for long-term investors involves looking for breaks above key resistance levels, with careful consideration of stop loss placements to mitigate daily volatility’s impact. With Bitcoin’s market capitalization at $1.31 trillion and a trading volume of $29.89 billion, the data points to a vibrant ecosystem underpinned by high liquidity and continued trader engagement.

Bull Verdict:

The comprehensive technical analysis of BTC for March 25, 2024, strongly supports a bullish outlook. The convergence of positive signals from moving averages and significant buying momentum, as evidenced by the awesome oscillator and momentum indicators, outlines a robust foundation for continued upward movement. The consistent increase in market capitalization and trading volume further bolsters this perspective, suggesting a healthy and growing interest in bitcoin.

Bear Verdict:

Despite the prevailing bullish sentiment, a cautious examination reveals underlying vulnerabilities that could pivot towards a bearish scenario for bitcoin. The sell signal from the MACD level and the SMA (20)’s indication of potential overvaluation present cracks in the otherwise optimistic facade. These signals, amidst a backdrop of broad market neutrality from other oscillators, suggest that the current bullish momentum may be overstretched and susceptible to correction.


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