Binance’s Top Trader “Gloopy_coyote” Secures #1 Rank with Stellar 185% Total ROI, Dominating with Bitcoin and Ethereum Trades

  • March’s trading spotlight shines on “Gloopy_coyote”, who led Binance’s trading charts with an impressive monthly profit and loss (PnL) of over 5.2 million USD.
  • Amidst their diverse portfolio, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) trades stood out for their significant contribution to the trader’s success.
  • “Diversity in trading strategies and a keen eye on market movements are key,” shares Gloopy_coyote in a recent interview, highlighting the blend of long and short positions across various cryptocurrencies.

Explore the trading journey of Binance’s top trader this month, “Gloopy_coyote”, showcasing a remarkable 185% total return on investment (RoI) with a spotlight on notable Bitcoin and Ethereum trades.

Exceptional Monthly Performance

The trading saga of “Gloopy_coyote” reached a pinnacle this March, boasting a monthly PnL of 5,246,725 USD and a 66% monthly RoI, culminating in a total RoI of 185%. Among the numerous trades, positions in Bitcoin and Ethereum were particularly lucrative, reflecting not only on the volatility of these markets but also on the trader’s astute strategies.

Strategic Trades in Bitcoin and Ethereum

The trader’s approach was highlighted by a significant short position in Bitcoin, yielding a notable 309,064 USD, and a long position in Ethereum, adding another 110,472 USD to the month’s gains. These trades underscore the importance of strategic positioning in high-volatility environments, leveraging market movements to secure substantial profits.

Gloopy_coyote’s All Active Positions

Diverse Portfolio Beyond the Giants

Beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum, “Gloopy_coyote” engaged in a variety of trades across the cryptocurrency spectrum. From long positions in lesser-known tokens like PENDLE and APT, to short positions in emerging coins like WLD and OCEAN, the trader’s portfolio diversity speaks to a broader market engagement and an opportunistic approach to trading.

A Look at Risk Management

Risk management was a critical component of “Gloopy_coyote”‘s strategy, as evidenced by the balanced mix of long and short positions. This approach, coupled with timely decisions and market analysis, allowed for the mitigation of potential losses and the maximization of gains across a fluctuating crypto landscape.

Techniques and Tools for Success

Behind the scenes, “Gloopy_coyote” leveraged advanced trading tools and analytics platforms offered by Binance. Real-time data analysis, automated trading algorithms, and a keen sense of market sentiment analysis were instrumental in navigating the complex crypto markets.


The remarkable success of “Gloopy_coyote” on Binance this month serves as a testament to the dynamic and evolving nature of cryptocurrency trading. By strategically navigating market volatilities, diversifying trade positions, and employing effective risk management techniques, traders can achieve significant returns. As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, the strategies and insights of leading traders will remain invaluable for the trading community.


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