Binance Executive Takes Legal Stand Against Nigerian Government

Tigran Gambaryan, the Head of Financial Crime Compliance at cryptocurrency exchange Binance, has filed a lawsuit against the Nigerian government alleging violations of his basic human rights.

Gambaryan and Binance Regional Manager for Africa Nadeem Anjarwalla were detained in late February after meeting with Nigeria’s National Security Adviser and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission officials in Abuja. They were held at a government housing unit following their meeting.

On March 25, the Nigerian government filed four tax evasion charges against Binance at the Federal High Court. Gambaryan and Anjarwalla were also named as defendants in the tax evasion case scheduled for arraignment on April 4.

In a surprising development, Anjarwalla reportedly escaped from custody on March 25 while being detained with Gambaryan. Nigerian authorities are investigating how he fled the country.

On March 28, Gambaryan filed an originating motion at the Federal High Court in Abuja claiming that his continued detention and seizure of his international passport violates his constitutional right to liberty and personal privacy.

Through his counsel, Gambaryan is seeking a court order for his immediate release from detention and return of his travel documents. He is also demanding a public written apology from Nigeria’s National Security Adviser and EFCC. Anjarwalla filed a similar lawsuit before his escape from custody last week.

The case has been adjourned to April 8 by Justice Inyang Ekwo. Gambaryan’s motion argues that he has not committed any criminal offense to warrant his detention in Nigeria for over a month.

This lawsuit develops as tensions escalate between Nigerian authorities and Binance over regulatory compliance issues and allegations of unregistered operations in the country. It remains to be seen how the court will rule in this high-profile legal battle between the detained executive and Nigerian government.

Battle for Justice: Binance Exec Takes On Nigerian State Over Detention Rights

As the anticipated hearing in early April approaches, all eyes will be on the Federal High Court. The ruling in Gambaryan’s case will demonstrate whether Nigerian law and constitutional protections hold firm against credible accusations of rights violations.

His brave battle represents not only his personal quest for freedom, but a pivotal test for Nigeria’s democracy as it seeks to balance enforcement and due process. How the courts handle such a high-profile case challenging state authority will be closely watched both within and outside the country. Much hangs in the balance as Gambaryan faces off against the Nigerian government in this pivotal legal fight.


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