Billionaire Biohacker Gets Into NFTs with Drip Solana Airdrop

Billionaire biohacker Bryan Johnson says crypto and longevity are “best friends”—and is cementing the sentiment by sponsoring an NFT airdrop.

Johnson’s Blueprint project has created a collection of NFTs on the Solana blockchain in collaboration with DRiP and digital artist Degen Poet, with the Blueprint collection issued Monday as a free airdrop for DRiP holders.

“We are long best friends and have so much to do together,” Johnson wrote on Twitter. [Degen Poet] has warmly welcomed me and our Don’t Die community, creating a unique collection of typewriter art.”

Crypto x Longevity

We are long best friends and have so much to do together. @solanapoet has warmly welcomed me and our Don’t Die community, creating a unique collection of typewriter art. Free to collect @drip_haus.

Excited with the Solana ecosystem hosted by @superteamDAO.

— Zero /dd (@bryan_johnson) January 29, 2024

The Blueprint collection, DRiP Haus said, consists of three pieces, and collectors can claim a random collectible of different rarities, from common to legendary.

“[Bryan] stumbled upon DRiP and what we were doing, and one of our artists, Degen Poet, in particular,” DRiP Haus co-founder and CEO Vibhu Norby told Decrypt in an interview. “We thought it might be interesting to have Degen Poet do some art and introduce him to crypto in a very cool way.”

Bryan Johnson has not yet responded to Decrypt’s request for comment.

As Norby explained, DRiP account holders can sign up for free with an invite code or join for 0.1 SOL on their wallet balance. Users can claim the airdrop, processed in real-time, with DRiP covering gas fees. These collectibles, added to users’ wallets, are tagged to indicate their origin.

“What’s cool about these [airdrops], Norby continued. In addition to them being delivered to your wallet and rewarding you for your engagement, the collectible itself within the context of your vault shows up alongside other collectibles, but it gets a special sponsored tag on it and makes it clear how it all worked.”

Living forever IRL 🤝 Living forever on @Solana

A Sponsored Claim is live featuring Blueprint by @bryan_johnson, with artwork created by our own @solanapoet.

Tap to claim a random collectible, from ⬛️ Common to 🟩 Legendary. Then, get access to the Blueprint waitlist.

— DRiP💧 (@drip_haus) January 29, 2024

An airdrop refers to when free tokens or coins are distributed to the wallets of active blockchain community members. Unsurprisingly, airdrops are highly anticipated events in the cryptocurrency space.

Last week, a mysterious figure airdropped 21,000 Ordinal inscriptions to Bitcoin users. This airdrop was followed by an airdrop of up to 643,652 WEN tokens to over a million wallets on Friday.

Johnson’s involvement with an NFT project is not as strange as it may sound. Norby explained that the Solana community members have worked with Johnson on the design of his Blueprint Protocol and product line.

Known for his “don’t die” mantra, Johnson has invested over $4 million in his quest for immortality, with the majority going to scientific research and measurement protocols to enhance health and combat aging.

“The core of this effort was organized by SuperTeamDAO; they are a powerhouse within Solana,” Norby said. “They have teams all over the world who jump in to collaborate with businesses, apps, and protocols and help them solve problems and get worked on. One of their projects is the Blueprint by Bryan Johnson.”

Norby praised the work of Degen Poet, claiming that his collection on DRiP is the most traded collection of all time on any blockchain.

“It’s really about art ultimately and Degen Poet is an incredibly celebrated artist within Solana, probably the most celebrated,” Norby said. “The fact that Bryan fell in love with his work is the only reason this is possible.”

Edited by Ryan Ozawa.


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