AirDAO Under Siege: The Aftermath of a Devastating Cyber Attack

Disaster struck AirDAO, a community-governed layer one blockchain when it suffered a major breach that resulted in the theft of 35.2 million AMB tokens and 125.51 ETH from its AMB/ETH Uniswap liquidity pool. 

The isolated theft was carried out through an advanced social engineering attack which was achieved when the intruder took advantage of the weaknesses to get to the platform in an unauthorized way. 

Through the use of deceptive email approaches that imitated genuine partners, the hacker was able to breach AirDAO’s network security which caused them to sustain heavy losses.

According to PeckShield’s monitoring, the stolen funds have already been transferred to different crypto exchanges like MEXC Global, KuCoin and ChangeNOW. On-chain data reveals that these stolen assets were taken to Binance and BitMart. 

Air DAO’s swift response

Despite the seriousness of the breach, AirDAO promptly reacted and moved on to work with exchanges and relevant authorities to monitor, track and recover the stolen assets. 

The team also said that the breach however was with the liquidity pool only, the user funds on the AirDAO blockchain and exchanges were completely safe from the breach. The AirDAO Treasury remained safe in a multi-signature wallet that required many signatures for any possible transactions to take place.

AirDAO Offers 10% white hat bounty

The platform noted that the hackers would be rewarded a 10% white hat bounty if they returned the stolen funds as soon as possible, but the investigation would be continued by the legal authorities if the attackers refused to do so.

However, the attack did not seem to affect the appreciation of AMB which is the native token for the AiraDAO ecosystem. At the time of the writing, AMB was trading at $0.01253 according to data by Coinmarketcap which is a 4.14 % rise from the normal price.

Looking forward, Air DAO has promised to reintegrate the liquidity in the uniswap pools. With that AirDAO is dedicated to the continued development of its security system and will reinforce the resilience of the platform to counteracting against future threats.


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