Abracadabra Hacked: $7M Loss Shakes DeFi, MIM Stablecoin Suffers

In a recent turn of events, Abracadabra Finance, a prominent platform in decentralized finance (DeFi), faced a serious security breach, resulting in a temporary loss of $7 million. This incident is particularly concerning as the platform was already grappling with significant bad debt. The aftermath saw a dip in the value of its stablecoin, Magic Internet Money (MIM), dropping to $0.7638.

Although there has been a partial recovery with the current value hovering around $0.949, the financial implications are substantial.

Understanding the Incident

Abracadabra Finance’s security team is actively investigating the exploit. According to their official statement, the attack seems to be related to specific elements within the Ethereum blockchain, adding complexity to the situation. In response, the project has outlined plans for its DAO treasury to initiate a buyback of MIM from the market, followed by burning them to recover the losses.

A Closer Look: Insights from Security Analysts

Security analysts from reputable firms like PeckShield and Blocksec classify the incident as a malicious attack. PeckShield’s findings reveal that the attacker received funding through Tornado Cash, a privacy protocol.

Blocksec suggests that the initial analysis points to an attack on the project’s smart contract, with approximately $29 million in assets at risk. Certrik speculates that the exploit might be linked to a rounding error.

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Abracadabra Finance’s Stability Under Scrutiny

Despite efforts to fix the security problem, concerns persist about Abracadabra Finance’s stability. Founded by Daniele Sesta, the platform specializes in DeFi lending and borrowing tools. It faced challenges in 2022 during the collapse of FTX, causing fluctuations in the value of MIM.

Earlier in the year, a proposal suggested a power shift from the decentralized Abracadabra DAO to a more centralized entity involving legal professionals and trustees. The recent security incident exacerbates existing issues, casting a shadow on the platform’s future.

Now the question remains: Can Abracadabra Finance endure this setback, or is it just the beginning of another challenging chapter for crypto?


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