230% Surge Incoming for AI Altcoin As Markets Bounce Back, According to Veteran Crypto Trader

A closely followed trader says we “haven’t seen anything yet” as far as a crypto bull run, and is anticipating rallies for several altcoin projects.

Pseudonymous trader Noodles tells his 145,000 followers on the social media platform X that digital assets are edging toward a “parabolic phase” which will likely begin by Ethereum (ETH) outperforming Bitcoin (BTC).

“I assure you that you haven’t seen anything yet.

-Ethereum still has to outperform BTC and do ATH

-every other layer1-2 outperform Ethereum

-new ath on most of the altcoins that have worked hard since the previous cycle.

-We will probably see a new shakeout during Ethereum new Ath and then start of a huge parabolic phase. There where you should concentrate and start to sells.”

So far, Ethereum has not hit all-time highs, but BTC hit its all-time high on March 15.

One of the altcoins on Noodles’ radar is OPSEC, a project focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and decentralized cloud computing.

He says OPSEC is close to exiting a long Wyckoff-style accumulation phase, a charting pattern theory invented by investor Richard Wyckoff that aims to identify pre-rally accumulation setups.

Noodles targets the $8 level, which is 234% from OPSEC’s current price of $2.39.

“OPSEC in re-accumulation area, before next expansion phase and trend continuation, is pretty obvious.

Study Wyckoff , my greatest teacher.”

Source: Noodles/X

The trader is also expecting massive rallies for layer-one blockchain platform Internet Computer (ICP) According to Noodles, ICP is entering into an expansion phase which could eventually take it near the $115 level, a 579% move from current prices.

“ICP expansion phase is going to start here.”


Source: Noodles/X

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