SpaceX Accepts DOGE Payment for Rescheduling DOGE-1 Lunar Mission, Solana’s Fall Explained, Shytoshi Kusama Hints at ‘Something About SHIB’: Crypto News Digest by U.Today


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SpaceX accepts Dogecoin payment for DOGE-1 lunar mission rescheduling

According to a recent X post by Samuel Reid, CEO at Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC), the company paid SpaceX in Dogecoin for the rescheduling of the DOGE-1 mission to the moon. Originally, the mission was set to launch as a payload on the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in 2022; however, it was postponed due to the satellite not being ready in time for the Intuitive Machines IM-1 launch. As explained by Reid, the new agreement puts the DOGE-1 satellite on an open manifest basis for a mission potentially after IM-1, depending on when the satellite is shipped to Maverick Space in the U.S. from Exobotics UK. During a live chat, he reassured enthusiasts waiting for the mission’s progress, saying “That doesn’t mean that DOGE-1 is not launching or that it’s not happening. DOGE-1 was trying to make it on IM-1 and almost did.”

Solana’s fall explained: What investors missed

Following the recent outage of the Solana network, the crypto community has plunged into a sea of discussion. According to Ari Paul, founder of BlockTower Capital, the market’s negative reaction to Solana’s technical problems may not be a clear indication of market maturation but rather a reflection of investors’ sophisticated understanding of risk. In the past, the crypto market has responded to network flaws in various ways, and events like the 51% attacks on Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin SV and Ethereum Classic between 2018 and 2020 did not substantially undermine investor confidence. However, the response to Solana’s outage indicates a change; Paul states that it is an evolution in what investors have come to expect and price into their investments. Bitcoin investors place a premium on network uptime and security, but Solana’s investors, aware of its historical issues, may have already accounted for such risks. Thus, after the outage, SOL dropped only slightly, while BTC would likely have experienced a severe price crash. 

Shytoshi Kusama hints at “something about SHIB,” community puzzled

As noticed by the most attentive members of the SHIB community, yesterday, the pseudonymous leader of the Shiba Inu project Shytoshi Kusama once again changed a location mark on his X profile; yesterday, he decided to “travel” to Hong Kong. Earlier this year, Kusama was “spotted” in Singapore and Dubai. Since the lead has been changing his location so frequently this winter, some in the SHIB community have started to think that by doing so, Kusama is trying to convey a message about SHIB. One SHIB fan shared a hope that all these travels by Kusama will benefit Shibarium and the Shiba Inu financial system eventually: “I hope that this world tour by @ShytoshiKusama will lead to the success of the #Shibarium and the entire #ShibaInu financial system!” So far, Kusama has not commented on his frequent “trips around the world” and at the moment of writing, his X profile shows no location mark.


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