SHIB’s Goal to ‘Finish Everything’ by End of 2024, Binance Freezes Stolen XRP Tokens, Anon Whale Moves $318 Million in Bitcoin to PayPal: Crypto News Digest by U.Today


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Shytoshi Kusama: SHIB’s goal to “finish everything” by end of 2024

Lucie, marketing expert at the Shiba Inu project, shared the outcome of her recent meeting with the SHIB team lead Shytoshi Kusama in her recent X post. Even though Lucie could not “reveal much” about the topics discussed during the meeting, she wrote that Shiba Inu team’s current goal is to “have everything finished by the end of this year.” She continued, saying that the whole vision should be completed by 2024/2025, noting, however, that “it’s not a promise, but that’s the goal.” Lucie believes that once the SHIB team completes all of the developments it has promised over the past couple of years, with every dApp being used on Shibarium and “many significant partnerships” that are currently in the works, all of it should have an “amazing impact” on Shibarium and BONE, while also contributing to burning SHIB.

Stolen XRP tokens frozen by Binance: What’s next?

Following a recent security exploit involving Ripple top executive Chris Larsen, Binance has frozen stolen XRP tokens valued at approximately $4.2 million. As stated by Binance CEO Richard Teng, this measure was part of a larger coordinated effort between the crypto community and Ripple to address the incident quickly and effectively. The exchange’s team will continue to support Ripple in its investigation and attempt to get funds back, which includes closely monitoring any activity involving the stolen funds. Richard Teng emphasized in his recent X post that his team is firmly dedicated to supporting a safe ecosystem, while encouraging other projects and users to reach out in cases like this. As a reminder, on Jan. 31, an unknown exploiter managed to access several personal accounts of Chris Larsen, stealing a significant amount of XRP tokens.

$318 million in Bitcoin moved to Paypal by anon whale

According to data provided by Whale Alert crypto tracker, yesterday, an anonymous whale made three large consecutive transactions to PayPal, with each of them carrying 2,500 BTC worth $106.6 million. The total value of these three transactions constitutes an astonishing $318 million. PayPal, American online payments company, accepted Bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies in 2021, when it first made it possible for its customers to buy and sell crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH) and hold on their local crypto wallets without a chance of withdrawal. Later, PayPal allowed users to send their crypto to third-party wallets and deposit crypto from outside too. In 2023, the company made another step toward crypto adoption and launched its own stablecoin, PYUSD, backed by the U.S. dollar. 


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