Ripple CTO Develops Trading Bot: Details


  • Is the bot profitable? 
  • Is AMM just for XRP? 


David Schwartz, chief technology officer at Ripple, has developed a new trading bot that uses an algorithm that is similar to the XRP Ledger’s AMM algorithm. 

The bot, which is designed for trading on centralized exchanges, has already been tested by Schwartz for trading Solana.

For now, Schwartz says that the code is “really rough,” but he is thinking about potentially adding a GitLab link. 

Is the bot profitable? 

In a follow-up post, Schwartz explains that it is too early to actually tell with high confidence whether or not the bot is capable of generating profits. With that being said, The Ripple executive expects it to make roughly 11% per year. 

At the same time, Schwartz has noted that the bot is incapable of taking advantage of minor price moves. Moreover, the bot is hampered by trading fees. 

When it comes to taxes, the Ripple executive has stated that the text impact is the same as short-term capital gains. 

Schwartz has also added that it is too early to tell whether the bot is comparable to the AMM algorithm since they determine trade sizes in different ways.   

Earlier, Schwartz stated that he had never used decentralized AMMs.

Is AMM just for XRP? 

Earlier this week, Schwartz also clarified that it is possible to create AMMS with any two assets that are supported by the XRP Ledger. He has also predicted that AMMs with XRP will be the most popular.  

“We kind of did prioritize XRP because the algorithm is biased in favor of volatility harvesting which only makes sense if at least one of the assets is volatile. I think the vast majority of AMMs, weighted by size, will have XRP as one side,” he wrote earlier. 


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