PrimeXBT Streamlines Crypto Futures Trading for Newbies and Pros: Review


While the crypto trading segment is getting more and more mature, veteran trading heavyweights remain a smart bet for professionals and newcomers.

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Launched in 2018, PrimeXBT service represents a textbook example of a battle-tested feature-rich crypto futures trading platform with advanced tooling and unmatched security design.

PrimeXBT unlocks new trading opportunities for 1+ million users: Highlights

Within a single interface, PrimeXBT platform offers cutting-edge instruments for crypto-, forex-, stocks-, indexes- and commodities-based CFDs as well as for portfolio management, strategic investments and copy trading.

  • PrimeXBT is a multi-product trading ecosystem for crypto futures and various contracts for difference (CFDs) trading.
  • PrimeXBT listed hundreds of trading pairs in Crypto Futures, Forex, Commodities, Indexes and Crypto CFD section to let its customers trade Gold, Bitcoin, S&P 500 and USD/EUR futures without leaving the app.
  • For seamless crypto-to-fiat conversion, PrimeXBT implemented a “Buy Crypto” module with bank transfer, Visa and Mastercard payments support.
  • PrimeXBT added a newbie-friendly copy trading dashboard: it allows newcomers to mitigate risks and advance understanding of crypto markets by following the strategies of master traders.
  • The platform also released a convenient price chart module and unique Economic Calendar function for seamless and data-driven portfolio management.
  • 24/7 support and customer success services are available for every PrimeXBT trader in various languages.

As a result, PrimeXBT should be referred to as a modern one-stop trading machine that can be a perfect fit for customers with various backgrounds, portfolio types, investing strategies and so on.

What are CFDs?

In economics, contracts for difference (abbreviated as CFDs) represent a class of financial derivatives that allow traders to speculate on the price movements of an asset without owning the asset itself. The trader (user) and broker (platform) agree to exchange the difference in the asset’s price from the opening to the closing of the contract.

As of 2024, there are a plethora of CFDs backed by various assets, including stocks, commodities, financial indexes and, of course, cryptocurrencies. They offer the potential to profit from both rising and falling markets but also carry the risk of significant losses.

Why is CFD trading popular?

CFD trading gained notable popularity thanks to its hassle-free design and significant potential gains. First of all, you don’t need to own the asset – be it Bitcoin or Gold – to physically benefit from their price movements in both directions. 

In the case of cryptocurrency, you don’t even have to create an on-chain wallet to capitalize on Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins’ enormous volatility. Also, the majority of crypto CFDs and futures trading platforms allow their customers to trade with leverage to maximize potential benefits.

How to choose the best crypto and forex CFD broker?

When it comes to cryptocurrency futures and CFD trading, choosing a proper broker is of paramount importance for every trader. Here’s what to look at while choosing a crypto trading platform in 2024.

  1. Reputation: Traders should always check the history of this or that service to know whether it was hacked, “drug-pulled,” investigated by law enforcement agencies and so on.
  2. Newbie-friendliness: As all types of futures and CFD trading are high-risk activities, a legitimate broker should have an easy-to-understand interface to protect new traders from losing money by mistake.
  3. Legal status and limitations: Legit brokers should always inform potential clients about its corporate address, headquarters localization, legal form, restricted territories and so on.

The combination of these factors can help traders avoid losing money while working with CFDs and futures on FX, crypto, commodities and index trading pairs.

Introducing PrimeXBT, premium one-stop crypto CFD trading machine

PrimeXBT, a holistic crypto futures and CFD trading platform, introduces an enhanced stack of investment instruments and portfolio management for newbies and professionals. With PrimeXBT, there is no need to switch between forex and crypto trading applications, as all instruments are available within a single interface.

For the U.Today audience, PrimeXBT announced a very special promo campaign: upon registration, our readers can claim a 20% bonus on deposit ($7,000 max).

PrimeXBT: Basics

Launched in 2018 amid a severe Crypto Winter, PrimeXBT is a one-stop trading platform for futures and CFDs on cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and altcoins), commodities, stocks, indexes and foreign exchange (FX, forex) currency pairs. Simply put, it unifies all mainstream trading opportunities in a single interface.

As the platform is focused on CFDs and futures trading, the process remains quite simple: the user just sets up his or her account, deposits money via a preferred payment method and starts trading. There is no need to create separate accounts for FX, crypto and Gold: all opportunities are at users’ fingertips from the very beginning of their interaction with PrimeXBT.

Across over six years of operations, the platform was never been compromised or hacked.  The team always highlights that this is a result of stringent security checks and industry-leading safety standards:

When you invest your money and trade with us, you do so with the confidence that comes from working with a well-established, award-winning brand.

In total, the platform offers 100+ trading pairs in various segments. PrimeXBT released 14 versions of its interface in various languages: from English to Bahasa, from Russian to Vietnamese. As a result, it garnered impressive popularity on the global cryptocurrency trading scene: PrimeXBT was chosen by over one million users from all around the globe.

PrimeXBT: Crypto futures and CFD trading options

PrimeXBT services are available in both web interface and mobile applications for Android and iOS-based devices.

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PrimeXBT’s cryptocurrency futures trading dashboard is among the most convenient and easy-to-navigate segments. It offers a super-low fee policy: all Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins futures pairs are available with a 0.01% maker fee and 0.02% taker fee. Funding rates are adjusted every eight hours to offer the best possible opportunities to every trader.

In the cryptocurrency futures trading section, 31 assets are available: the earliest blockchain assets Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE), large-cap altcoin giants Solana (SOL), Cardano (ADA), Chainlink (LINK), GameFi tokens The Sandbox (SAND) and Axie Infinity (AXS), and so on.

For experienced traders, PrimeXBT offers unparalleled crypto futures experience with adjustable leverage, a proprietary orderbook, isolated margin and seamless TradingView chart integration. By working with the top market makers, PrimeXBT offers the deepest possible liquidity for minimum slippage. The service implemented a negligible minimum deposit of $1 to prevent the platform from being spammed with a zero deposit fee. Withdrawal fees start from $0.5. 

Also, all demo options, including opening an account and a demo session in a risk-free environment, are available for free.

PrimeXBT: Copy trading and investment modules

To streamline cryptocurrency trading for newcomers, PrimeXBT introduced a copy trading module. Copy trading is a scheme that allows new traders to subscribe to a verified master trader with a proven deals track record. Once the trader subscribes to such a service, he or she can start to follow the strategy of the master in an automated manner.

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For cryptocurrency trading experts, PrimeXBT offers the opportunity to share their strategies to earn up to 20% from follower profits. In order to get started with copy trading, customers of PrimeXBT should just open a free PrimeXBT account, browse all the expert traders and compare their styles, performance, deposit size and follower rate in order to choose an undisputed top performer and copy their trades automatically. Experienced master traders on PrimeXBT have dozens of followers and six-digit deposits. In addition to the MT5 terminal, the service also offers its proprietary PrimeXBT WebTrader and App dashboard.

For experienced traders, PrimeXBT broadcasts an investing calendar. It automatically tracks the most important events in the finance world (CPI rate adjustments, unemployment rate announcements and so on) to make the trading strategies of clients more data-driven.

PrimeXBT: Buy Crypto module, and extra benefits for traders

To make the process of purchasing cryptocurrency more streamlined and seamless than ever before, PrimeXBT implemented a secure “Buy Crypto” option of crypto-to-fiat conversion. With “Buy Crypto,” every owner of a PrimeXBT account can easily purchase Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and the rest of the major altcoins seamlessly with wire transfer or card payment via MasterCard, Visa systems and so on. Realized with no order books or other sophisticated elements, the “Buy Crypto” module by PrimeXBT is a perfect entry-level crypto purchasing opportunity.

Last but not least, in order to make the trading experience even more seamless, PrimeXBT introduced a price charts dashboard. With price charts tooling by PrimeXBT, users do not have to access third-party apps to check the price performance of their assets of interest.

For every user with no regard to account status, size of deposits or trading background, PrimeXBT offers 24/7 online support that speaks all languages supported on the platform. The service collects feedback from users in all possible ways.

Wrapping up: What is special about PrimeXBT in 2024?

Initially introduced in 2018, PrimeXBT is a multipurpose one-stop trading platform for cryptocurrency futures and CFDs, indexes, commodities, stocks and FOREX trading pairs. It guarantees a secure and newbie-friendly trading experience for over one million customers globally across 100+ asset pairs.

PrimeXBT implemented a native “Buy Crypto” module with fiat support, a convenient copy trading dashboard, crypto price charts, a unique investor calendar and more.


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