Masa Announces LayerZero Integration for AI Breakthroughs


  • Masa Network teams up with LayerZero, integrates data and token bridges
  • Setting standards of decentralized AI economy


Masa Network is getting closer to the launch of its native MASA token, which will be seamlessly integrated with all top-tier EVM blockchains.

Masa Network teams up with LayerZero, integrates data and token bridges

According to an official statement by its team, Masa Network has entered into a long-term strategic cooperation with cross-chain interoperability protocol LayerZero.

The integration with LayerZero will enable communication for the Masa Data Network, which will be launched on a dedicated Avalanche Subnet, with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

The MASA token interoperability will further expand to Polygon, Base, Celo and more in the future via LayerZero’s Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT) Standard, which enables native cross-chain token transfers.

Calenthia Mei, the co-founder of Masa Network, is excited about the potential of the new collaboration and LayerZero’s disruptive impact for the project:

Masa is thrilled to be integrating with LayerZero Labs, who has become the industry standard for interoperability. Masa wants to empower users to own, share, and earn from their data, no matter which blockchain network their data is on. With LayerZero’s support, we are excited to be  cross-chain and interoperable from the very beginning

MASA is the backbone element of Masa Network’s economical incentives’ design: Contributors earn MASA tokens as rewards when their data is used by developers to power the decentralized AI economy.

Setting standards of decentralized AI economy

Simon Baksys, the VP of business development at LayerZero, appreciates the vision of Masa Network and the goals of its ambitious road map:

We are excited to collaborate with Masa to enhance privacy and innovation in AI development. The integration of LayerZero infrastructure with Masa’s ecosystem, will enable accelerated development of personalized AI applications while ensuring user data remains private and secure

With the explosion of AI models, Masa has emerged as a leader in supplying vast amounts of privacy-first personal training data, powering the future of AI applications. It has amassed over 1.4 million unique wallets and over 37 million proprietary data points.

Developers can utilize Masa Network’s massive collection of private-by-default user data to train AI models, build innovative apps, power decentralized advertising and more. Masa will also be providing out-of-the-box large-language models for real-time data searching within the network.


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