Ethereum (ETH) Trader Pockets $166K Profit With Smart Moves: Details

Thu, 8/02/2024 – 11:04

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In a stunning display of trading acumen, an Ethereum (ETH) trader managed to secure a profit of approximately $166,000 within just two days, starting with an investment of merely 0.26 ETH (equivalent to $613). This remarkable feat was achieved through strategic transactions involving DeFrogs (DEFROGS), a new cryptocurrency that has recently captured the attention of the market.


According to details shared by Lookonchain, a blockchain analytics platform, the trader embarked on this lucrative journey by initially investing 0.08 ETH ($190) to purchase 100 DEFROGS tokens. This transaction was executed despite the high gas fees at the time, which amounted to 0.178 ETH ($423). The decision to bear such significant transaction costs early on underscores the trader’s confidence in the potential of their investment.

The strategy began to bear fruit when the Ethereum trader sold 60 of their DEFROGS tokens for a staggering 27.8 ETH, translating to approximately $67,000. This sale not only recouped the initial investment and associated costs but also yielded a substantial profit. As of the latest update, the trader still holds 40 DEFROGS tokens, valued at around $100,000, bringing their total profit to the vicinity of $166,000.

Meme coin craze

This trading success story coincides with a significant surge in the value of DeFrogs (DEFROGS). The cryptocurrency has experienced a remarkable 111.91% increase in its value over the last 24 hours, with its price currently standing at $3,335 per token. This surge has propelled the trading volume of DEFROGS to $28.8 million and boosted its market capitalization to $34.27 million, highlighting the growing interest and confidence in this new digital asset.

DeFrogs is part of the burgeoning meme coin sector, drawing inspiration from the Pepe (PEPE) crypto project. Launched on Feb. 7, DEFROGS is touted as a token based on the novel ERC-404 standard. This standard is designed to blend the features of cryptocurrencies with those of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), offering a unique value proposition in the digital asset space.

The story of this Ethereum trader’s success serves as a testament to the potential rewards of strategic and informed trading within the volatile cryptocurrency market. It also underscores the importance of staying abreast of emerging trends and technologies in the digital asset space, where innovative projects like DeFrogs can offer significant opportunities for growth and profit.


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