Dogecoin Founder Refutes Rumors of His Wealth Size

Thu, 22/02/2024 – 11:55

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  • Markus and Palmer made “hardly anything off of DOGE”
  • Here’s how much DOGE and BTC Markus holds


Billy Markus, who created and launched the original meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin, together with Jackson Palmer, in 2013, often shares parts of the history of how he created DOGE and his attitude not only to DOGE and crypto but toward a wide range of subjects overall.

Several times in the past, Markus was driven to comment on the rumors of the size of his net worth. Today, he responded to a Twitter user, once again refuting these allegations.

Markus and Palmer made “hardly anything off of DOGE”

Earlier today, Billy Markus (known on Twitter/X as “Shibetoshi Nakamoto”) tweeted that he would suggest changing the retirement age from the current standard to the age of 38. He went a little further and provided his own definition of being “retired.” For the Dogecoin cofounder this is an opportunity for “working on stuff you wanna work on.”

When a Twitter user told Markus “you’re rich, stop acting poor,” “Shibetoshi Nakamoto” dismissed that assumption by stating that he is not wealthy at all since he cannot afford to give up his day job.

In a tweet published in early 2022, Markus literally stated that he and Jackson Palmer “made hardly anything off of it,” meaning Dogecoin. He also commented on the great amount of meme cryptocurrencies being built these days. Markus calls them “forced tokens,” and he reckons the only goal of developers making them is financial gain from gamblers. Some developers try to give their meme coins some utility, he admits.

As for DOGE, it was made “with no intention except to be stupid and satire,” according to Billy Markus. Regarding his net worth, in November last year, Markus commented on an article claiming that he is worth $5 million. He stated that he does not own that fortune.

Here’s how much DOGE and BTC Markus holds

Recently Markus revealed the size of his Bitcoin stash, and in earlier tweets he shared how much Dogecoin he still holds after quitting his meme coin project immediately after launching it in 2013.

Per Shibetoshi Nakamoto, his Bitcoin holdings are tiny and comprise 0.006 BTC. This is the equivalent of $310.09 at the time of this writing. As for his Dogecoin stash, it contains approximately 220,000 DOGE.


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