Dogecoin Founder Makes Epic Trolling Comment on Crypto Traders

Fri, 22/03/2024 – 14:31

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  • Trolling crypto traders on Twitter/X
  • Dogecoin founders did not get rich off DOGE


Billy Markus famous within the crypto community as a co-founder of the largest meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin is a frequent user of social media platforms, especially Twitter/X, usually tweeting in a sarcastic manner or merely publishing memes.

Today, he touched on the subject of crypto trading and how profitable this can be. In his earlier tweets, Markus has already many times expressed what he thinks of crypto trading and long-term cryptocurrency investments.

Trolling crypto traders on Twitter/X

Today, one of the tweets published by Billy Markus features a picture with two monitors and a caption, stating: “My friend was losing money trading, until he bought a second screen. Now, he’s losing money twice as fast.” No crypto is mentioned, but Markus mostly comments crypto space, seldom extending his attention to traditional assets.

In his earlier tweets over the past couple of years, the Dogecoin creator multiple time stated that he does not believe in certain factors making crypto prices go up or down. According to his view, cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin in particular, is very volatile and nobody really knows why BTC goes up or suddenly plunges.

The crypto community was pretty much amused by his aforementioned tweet, leaving a bunch of comments under it.

Dogecoin founders did not get rich off DOGE

According to a statement made by Markus on Twitter/X a few years ago, the making of Dogecoin made neither him nor the second founder Jackson Palmer wealthy and did not even bring them even any big amounts of money.

This was a side project for both founders and they created DOGE purely for fun and satyre, according to Markus. However, he pointed out that modern meme coins are mostly created by developers for making profits. In a recent tweet, Markus stated that many meme coins do not even require teams of developers and take “2 seconds and a few cents to create”.

Despite that post about not making money on DOGE published in 2022, Markus has been frequently publishing tweets to refute rumors about the size of his wealth. Once he even disclosed how much Bitcoin he holds and it proved to be 0.006 BTC and 220,000 DOGE.

Billy is not of a high opinion of hodling crypto either and he made it clear in a recent tweet too.


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