Crossmint Partners With Astar, Hakuhodo KEY3 to Propel Web3 Adoption in Japan


  • Crossmint accelerates Web3 adoption in Japan together with Astar, Hakuhodo KEY3
  • Focus on NFTs and stablecoins in Japan


Crossmint is ready to advance the set of its developer tools in order to accelerate Web3 adoption among Japan’s largest enterprises building on the Astar blockchain.

Crossmint accelerates Web3 adoption in Japan together with Astar, Hakuhodo KEY3

According to a joint official statement, Crossmint, Astar and Hakuhodo KEY3 kicked off an alliance for Web3 adoption in Japan. In particular, the partners will work together on B2B use cases for decentralized networks.

Previously, Crossmint became the go-to Web3 development platform for a number of internationally renowned brands like Microsoft, Etihad Airways, Johnnie Walker and AC Milan.

The collaboration is bolstered by the establishment of Hakuhodo KEY3, dedicated to developing Web3 services with Japan’s top enterprises on the Astar blockchain. Astar zkEVM recently launched with 50+ projects onboard.

Crossmint’s platform will facilitate simple integrations with Astar, saving firms millions in development costs. As they build out applications, Crossmint’s suite of APIs will simplify the Web3 experience for end users, enabling true digital ownership and interoperability without the typical complexities of using Web3.

As covered by U.Today previously, in early 2024, Astar accomplished numerous significant milestones in terms of tech development, ASTR staking and massive adoption.

Focus on NFTs and stablecoins in Japan

This user-friendly approach can revolutionize how enterprises and users interact with Web3 in Japan. The collaboration aligns with the Japanese government’s national strategy to establish a robust digital economy, emphasizing the importance of NFTs and stablecoins.

The endeavor marks a pivotal moment in fostering the growth of Japan’s Web3 ecosystem, setting a precedent for digital innovation and adoption in the country.

Crossmint is also expanding its team in Japan, seeking a full-time business developer to helm its market strategy in the region.


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